Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Some Sloppy Kisses!

First let me introduce you to My niece's new (a couple months) Puppy. He is a tiny fur ball of the YORKIE kind and they call him HUDSON ( kind of a big sounding name for a peanut of a dog right?)
Look at that sweet little face - he just screams PAMPER ME!!!

Corin came across this store in Saratoga Springs Called Sloppy Kisses. It is Treat Boutique for Dogs.

It is a place to take Man's best furry friends when you are looking for a treat, a leash, clothing, a gift basket etc. to pamper them. Corin took along my oldest and middle children when they went to pick up a little MET'S baseball cap they bought for Little Hudson. ( you can't even imagine how cute it looks on him). The kids thought it was really great, and Corin was nice enough to let my little monsters pick out 2 Gourmet treats to bring home to our Dog, Sandler. If sandler was human? - he would be the obese guy at the party that goes around finishing up the leftovers on peoples plates and heading back up to the buffet for dessert 3 times. He eats everything in site. We can't leave ANY food out unattended. There is no mystery in our house of where the missing cookies went that were not put back in the cupboard! So when Corin and the kids came home from Sloppy Kisses with these Gourmet ORGANIC dog treats...I had to giggle....seemed like kind of a waste of money on our dog. We don't monitor too much of what goes in his mouth. That would be a full time job. But it was very nice of her anyway - and Vivian couldn't wait to give Sandler what she had picked out for him!
Viv picked the donut and Kyle picked the ducky cookie.

The donut looks like one that came right from dunkin donuts - you would never know without touching it that that it wasn't soft and squishy

It came in this nice Boutique box with a ribbon on top.
And as you can see from these pictures, Sandler was quite impressed........He was probably also a little confused at first - "ok? they are intentionally going to GIVE me this donut? - I don't have to wait until they can't see me to snatch it? what's the catch?"

Ok Fat buddy - Organic treats are gone - you are back to the usual stealing goodies from babies and snatching that oh-so-easy because it's-right-near-the-edge-of-the-table, slice of Pizza!


Momma@Live. Laugh. Pull your hair out said...

Adorable dogs. I love them both! I would love to have a little dog to go with Studley...I would just hope little dog is better behaved than my big mutt!

And..bribe? Me bribing people to become followers??? NOOOOOOOO...not me! Ok...I am .....shh...keep it between you and me only k?


jen said...

ooo ... i want a donut now too!
but maybe a real one.

Vanessa said...

Sandler looked like he really enjoyed the donut and took his time. He didn't down it in one giant gulp? I was laughing a little reading this blog, it reminded me of the time Sandler got the X-lax off the table and the birthday cake off the kitchen counter. You've got to love him, he is such a great dog otherwise, and super with the kids. What does Hudson think of him?

corin said...

The kids were excited to pick something out for sandler! and they weren't monsters at all. You gotta love a little boy who asks if we can "stroll around a little" when you are on the main shopping street of Saratoga. Yup, phenesha is gonna be a lucky girl ;)

Allison said...

Vanessa - yup sandler has eaten some pretty strange things over the years. I think he has acquired an iron stomach. Before we had the kids, Gary used to take him to the drive thru at Mc D's for his very own cheeseburger.

We haven't introduced Hudson to sandler yet. - one wrong step and Sandler would squish him!

Cheryl said...

Aren't dogs wonderful? :o) We have a West Highland Terrier and we just love him....he's our little vacuum/garbage disposal...LOL. My kids aren't the neatest eaters (are there any "neat eater" kids out there?) so we usually end up with stuff on the floor and chairs....and Nugget cleans it up for me...makes my job easier...LOL My son uses him to "clean his plate" too....if there's something he doesn't like, he'll wait till he thinks nobody's watching and feed it to Nugget...the little stinker!