Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My attempt at an Interview....

A couple of other bloggers I follow, have recently written posts where they "interviewed" their young children and reported there answers. Some interviews were successful, and some...not so much. The questions were pretty general...mostly just about life...nothing too leading. I liked these questions because they left it open to the children to answer freely and uninhibited. Kind of like the show Bill Cosby used to host called "kids say the darnedest things".

So I decided...I have a couple of spit fires at home that will think this idea is pretty cool....I bet they will come up with some knee slapping answers and it will make for a glorious post showcasing their sweet, imaginative, perceptive personalities. ......ummm, yeah, was more like trying to have fun at the dentist.

I put a little thought into the interview before I actually did it. I started with Vivian. I knew that to have her undivided attention, I would have to administer the questions while we were in the car... you know, strapped in with no other choice but to listen to me. (by no means was this a Forced interview). I wanted some of the questions to be real easy, so she would confidently answer. and others to be something she would have to think about, and perhaps "make up" an answer to - That could be cute too.

I will get to the interview in a minute.....but first you must know that I also interviewed Kyle afterwards. He was a bit more skeptical about the whole thing. pretty soon he started asking ME questions, like, why are you asking me questions? When I told him I was going to blog about it.... he insisted I not put his answers on my "stupid blog"! I was made to promise that I would not put his answers here. I agreed......phfah!. I didn't sign anything! - I will sneak his answers in there somehow.

So on to the interview. My questions are in Green. Vivian's answers are in Purple. Kyle's Answers are in Blue...:

Hey vivian. Do you want to do something fun with Mommy on our way to pick up Brother?

Let's do an interview! It's where Mommy asks you some questions, and you answer them. It can be any answer you want... You aren't going to be right or wrong. It's just whatever you think - Ok?

Ok.. - How old do you have to be to get married?
I don't know?

Can you guess?
I don't know?

are you old enough?

Is Greg old enough? (greg, my nephew is 13)

no?....You just gotta be out of school?

(Kyle's answer was 20)

Why do people get Married anyway?
I don't know?

Viv we aren't going to get very far with these questions if you keep answering with "I don't know". - just say whatever you think.

ok - because they are the Bosses.

Kyle: to not be alone, take care of kids, and to get babysitters when you go to work.

(should I be worried that there was no mention of being in love as the reason for marriage??)

What do you want to be when you grow up?
ummm. I want to be the COOKer!!

Oh - you mean in a Restaurant?
No - At home. And I want to be the Mom.

Kyle: I'd like to be like Jeff Corwin - not like steve Erwin because he died!

Where would you like to live when you grow up?
At home.

Like with Mommy and daddy?

OK! As long as you still want to be the COOker!

Kyle: the USA

(by now I think they thought these questions were stupid, so I decided to lighten them up - not make them think so hard I guess)

What is your Absolute Favorite Food?
Broccoli, Cottage Cheese and Sausages....and one something else that I like....POPCORN!!!!

(viv really liked answering this question. I'm glad she named such healthy foods...I could have sworn she was going to say CHIPS)

Kyle: Hamburger Casserole

What food is the Yuckiest?
Spicy stuff

kyle: Lemons

What happens when you really REALLY want to buy a special toy, but you don't have the money to buy it?

get something else....(which promted her to carry on about....) how about we get 2 DS's so we don't have to fight??? doesn't that sound like a good idea? because I really want one and...and....(yadda yadda yadda)

kyle: wait until you have the money

(oh yeah? really kyle? you don't whine and throw a fit and beg and finally end up saying you want to go to meme's then?)

And that concluded our interview. I think it was pretty cute. looking back, I think I should have tried it at bedtime maybe. oh well, maybe another time.

This interview was "out of the mouths of these babes:

Except for Kerrigan......just insert NO! for every question ....... it's her favorite word lately.

Thanks for listening!


Jen said...

So cute. I love child interviews.

Momma@Live. Laugh. Pull your hair out said...

Love it! Adorable kids!

CynthiaK said...

That was great! I love this idea! Mind if I try it sometime?

That was really cute. I like that you had both kids answering the questions. I could nearly imagine their voices as I was reading.

I especially like how your daughter launched into the issue of having 2 little cookie! Always thinking about balance! :)

Trenches of Mommyhood said...

Hey - at work so I didn't have your e-mail. Try to log in to RepNation/Fishful Thinking again - make sure you check "female" instead of the default "male" and when it asks for level of education, check "professional", not "college". Sorry you have to do all this - but hopefully this time it works! Lemme know!

Jennifer W said...

neat. I finally had a chanve to catch up on my blogs tonight, and I really enjoyed this one...I pictured all of Viv's answers as delivered by her...

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