Sunday, January 25, 2009

Simply Adorable

Vivian 4 years Old
Kerrigan 19 Months
Aside from my annoying voice, This is extremely cute.
(I Must say)

Saturday, January 24, 2009


push play:

Today was Karate class #3. Uniforms arrived!
How cute is my little karate Kid!!??

Parents are not allowed to watch the class anymore...The teacher X-ed that out the second week. He said he didn't want the kids to get distracted.... EXCuse am I going to take pictures at every class?, and how am I going to get great action shots for my blog????
(could my picture taking at the first class be the distraction he was referring to??...nahhh....that would be too embarrassing)
Anyway, these are the pictures I managed to take at the first class...before I was banned.

And these are the pictures from home that Kyle had FUN posing for.

He is having a great time in the class. He says they are learning to count to ten in Japanese, doing lots of crunches...(can I join?), and they have contests of who can NOT get pushed out of the black square..(so far a GIRL is the champ).
Five more weeks of beginner classes to go. - then hopefully the next class will be offered right away that will add a little more CHALLENGE.

Remember.... WAX ON, WAX OFF...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Message will find it's way...

A little background... We are feeling the pinch. Work has cut Gary's hours back a bit, we are still coming off the Christmas expense, and our darn kids still think they need to eat!. I had a bit of a melt down this weekend - I was stressed. Gary and I had to talk about ways we can cut back on expenses, the sacrifices we can make for a while, tightening the reins on the budget. I guess you could say we were living AT our means, and now we have slipped to living beyond our means. Not that I think we go crazy at all - I NEVER buy myself new clothes, we don't have brand new vehicles, and we rarely go out to dinner. The time has just come to strictly watch our spending. And since we don't really want to sell one of the kids, we have decided to get rid of some other things.

One of the firsts to go was SADLY the Internet connection. This was MY sacrifice. I am now a lunchtime blogger. The other sacrifice was the Cable TV. This will probably cause the kids to go into convulsions...but hopefully they can live without Spongebob, Drake and Josh, the Wizards of Waverly place and (sadly) Animal planet. They will have to get back into watching their 5,000 DVDs that they have. (I hope Viv doesn't get back on her Monsters Inc. kick)

So I got a yahoo e-mail address, and we got a new phone number (due to the disconnect of the all-in-one service package). I had to laugh - a friend of mine (who should really start her own blog soon) asked if we were entering the witness protection program. I know - pretty drastic.
I have also called around to several Restaurants lending them the chance to use my Waitressing expertise on busy Friday nights, but no one is bidding on me yet.

OK - you get the point now...... onto the reason for the title of this post!

Those of you who are new to my blog, can check out this post to see where my belief in psychics came from. and then.....

I was invited to another psychic party this weekend, by co-workers - One of whom was with me at one of the first parties we had with psychic Jenny. I declined the invitation....Can't be spending $40 on psychics... Even if there was a chance to hear from Grampa Hoddie.

When I caught up with the co-worker Tuesday morning, I asked if she had a good reading...she said "it was alright, nothing earth shattering though". Then she said it was funny, at the end of her reading, she was about to walk out the door, and Jenny said..."are you going to see Allison?"...(nod)... "her Grandfather wants me to tell her that things are going to get better."
Now, this co-worker had no idea that money is tight....I am not even close friends with her.

Did I mention to you that I had a meltdown this weekend - That I was stressed? ....Yup - Advice from good ole Gramp sure comes in handy when you need it. I couldn't be there to get the message directly, but those who need them, get them.

Gary poo pooed it of course." it's a recession Allison. She was pretty safe in saying something like that." - I think differently. I guess I like the Elevation emotion!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


OK Mr. President.......... My fingers are crossed.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Back to Viv's Birthday.......

I have to apologize to Vivian....It has been a week since her Birthday, but I just got around to getting the Pictures off the camera to do a post about it. You see, I now have a computer savvy little boy to compete with over computer time.

Let's see.... Viv's actual Birthday was on the 13th - due to hectic schedules, we split up her party into two family parties. We had the first one at the farm at our usual Sunday coffee-and-donuts-catch-up-for-the-week day. We combined her and My father's Birthdays together. His was on the 10th (that was vivian's due date).

Vivian is a pizza and Chocolate lover, so I wanted to get a little creative with her cake. I had seen a recipe for a "pizza cookie" in a parenting magazine a while back, I thought I would try it. It came out cute - One large round cookie (pizza crust), topped with chocolate pudding (the sauce), and Strawberry slices (the pepperoni). I personally thought it tasted good, but by the number of 1/2 eaten slices I threw away, I don't think it was as tasty to the kids.
Make a wish you two!....

Then of course there were presents...

This was the adorable outfit she wore to school on Tuesday - Her ACTUAL Birthday....

A few days later, we celebrated her birthday again at Meme and Poppy's house. Meme made a delicious Turkey dinner, and Then we Had Ice cream cake....

And opened presents....

Meme Got this Princess a "real" Cinderella Dress.

She got a lot of great clothes from everyone (which she needed - she is growing like a weed) including some "very sparkly" jeans from Gramma cindy.
Aunt Gwennie got her this princess oven that "safely" bakes these little tiny cakes with ICE...?... I think I read the directions right - but these little cakes went in looking like dough, and..... came back out looking like dough.????... what did we expect from ICE? - hot cross buns?

all in all this Birthday #4 was a great time. I'm sure the day will come when she starts asking for the big "theme" parties with lots of kids from school (just like her brother started asking for) but for now, she (and I) are quite content with the quiet family gatherings..........Happy Birthday tooooo Yoooouuuuu!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I'd Like To Request "SULLY" ?

A tragedy turned "Miracle on the Hudson"

Next time I fly - I want the guy flying it to be the pilot who Landed this Airplane gently and safely into the Hudson river only five minutes after take-off. Do airlines take requests? I didn't think so - wishful thinking.

Apparently a flock of birds were the cause of the emergency landing, after they flew into the engines.
Chelsey "Sully" Sullenburger became a hero when he landed this jet in the Hudson river near Mid-Town Manhattan! It is unbelievable that all 155 people on board survived and only one woman was reported with an injury.

Angels really do have wings.......

Friday, January 16, 2009

Shivvverrrring Ramblings.....

I DO need to post about Vivians 4th birthday - I will get to that once I have time to get the pictures off the camera and ready to upload...I haven't forgotten about her - Unfortunately this post is just going to be a cluster of misc. happenings.

~~~~ GLOBAL WARMING?????? - my ass! I went to sleep last night in New York, and woke up in freaking ANTARCTICA!!! School was delayed 2 hours due to the reported -22 degrees. I know we live in the North country - but I haven't seen temperatures like this in quite a while. A co-worker said this morning that "this is like the old fashioned winters we used to have".
I said a little prayer this morning as I stood at the window and pushed the remote car starter to the minivan (thank god I have one of those) - I prayed it would start. - I could swear I actually heard a few "I think I can"'s coming from under the hood - followed by a few squeals and groans with it's efforts to stay running. right about now, I'm wishing I could fast forward to April. Did I mention I can't stand the COLD??!!

~~~~ what is going on with Kyle? - I don't believe I have blogged about him lately have I? - Last Saturday he started a Karate Class at the local Y. I think this is going to be right up his alley - I'm excited for him, and it is fun to watch. I also didn't report on his other happening because I was a still a little embarrassed. - but now I have convinced myself it could have been worse,.... I think. so I will confess. ---- I had to make my first complaining phone call to a parent last week of a child on the bus....ooohhh the dreaded bus. unfortunately it is a necessity for us. Apparently this 9 year old (bully) girl on the bus finds it entertaining to tell my son to do gross things such as LICK the bus FLOOR....gasp from the readers.... as well as the bottom of her shoe!...... everyone OK?....AND HE DOES THEM! I am pretty embarrassed that Kyle would even consider doing such a thing - and Believe me - we had a very long talk (3 days) and will continue to have more conversations about making good choices, and how kids that tell you to do things like that are not thinking you are funny, but they are making fun OF you! I was so upset, I decided to call the girl's parents (who I have never met). I wasn't getting real far with the Dad, so he handed the phone to Mom, who of course defended her child, but said she would talk to her daughter and find out her story, and if warranted, she would do something about it. I reassured her that I wasn't calling to be mean or get her daughter in trouble.. (maybe a little)... I would just appreciate it if her daughter knew that Kyle's mom wishes that she would not ask a first grader to do such gross things on the bus... (AND THAT I WILL BE WATCHING)... longer story short, the mom called back and said her daughter denies the whole thing, and blamed it all on another girl who she says also pulls his ears and hair. ..... I felt better anyway. And Kyle and I talked and talked....Then I got on the bus the next day and asked the bus driver to keep a closer eye on Kyle. (I don't feel like he was too enthused about that responsibility ) we will see if it gets any better...if not, there is always that can of Whoop ass I have handy!

Kerrigan is still a little stinker - we took down the railing of the crib which turns it into a toddler bed - (kind of a mistake) now we have to retrain the sleep routine, but she is still a lot better than how Kyle was going to sleep - with Kerrigan, you just have to make her think it is her idea for bedtime.... I know, who is the parent? but she really is the MOST stubborn child I have ever seen - she has some facial expressions that would make the devil cringe! - you gotta love her - she is all personality!

And last of my ramblings for today ---- Why don't you comment?... I visit other's blogs who regularly get at least 15 comments on each post. Granted, I do not have that many followers ( followers, with the little picture), but I have a LIVE FEED - I can see you all who visit! I can tell that many of you read, and then disappear! YOU in gloversville, YOU in Saratoga, YOU in Hadley, YOU in Texas, YOU in California... I can see you lurking around.----------------------- I check my blog several (lots and lots) times a day - not because I think the post fairy secretly left a new post on my blog - but because I am hoping for the comments, the feedback.I mean, come on - that last post about my daycare provider... had to tug at the heartstrings... and only 3 comments!!!!! (thank you to those 3 people).
- But I'm not being pushy, just whining.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I've seen the signs

The signs of a great Daycare provider that is....

You know you have a great one when...
~~ The baby puts her arms out to go to the babysitter when you drop her off.

~~ Your 4 year old gets in the car and reports that she had a GREAT day!

~~ The babysitter tells you how much she enjoys listening to the baby sing to the dollies when she plays by herself.

~~ If The kids get sick, and I stay home from work with them, the sitter tells me I don't have to pay for that day (even when I am supposed to)

~~ Funny sayings start popping out of the girls that you know have to come from daycare like "Eat the crust of your toast - it will make your hair curly". or "That's not MECESSARY (necessary)" when the baby cries.

~~ The baby loves to dance to a snowman Decoration that the babysitter has out for Christmas, so she sends it home with her.

~~ The oldest daughter admits to you that she hit a little boy at daycare, and when you ask how the sitter reacted and her answer is "she said the boy deserved it"

~~ When It snows on your way home from work and you are running a little walk in the door to pick up the kids, only to find them all bundled up and ready to go..but asleep on the couch in the baby sitter's arms.

I was once a Daycare Provider out of my own home (before I realized we couldn't survive on that money) So I understand how demanding, exhausting, draining and underpaid this woman's job really is. Those of us who work outside the home have got it made in the shade. Stay at home Mom's (or Dads), and daycare providers, definitely have the hardest jobs I can think of. When you find one that enjoys it and doesn't do it because they think they can make a lot of money at it, it is a great blessing. My provider is an older woman, her child is all grown up, this is the only work she has ever done. She has been doing it for over 30 years. The peace of mind you get when you know you are leaving your children in such caring hands is priceless.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The King - Happy Birthday

I know - I failed to mention this weird and random thing about myself in my other post. It would have fit there too. : " my name is Allison, I am 31 yrs old, and I am an Elvis Fan." - I admit it.

What you say? "Allison, you were 2 months old when this man died?"!

Guess what? - in our family, ELVIS LIVES! Elvis has been around my house forever.
One of our Christmas traditions is to listen to the Elvis Christmas Album while we decorate the tree.
My Aunt Carol(the biggest fan of the family), has visited Graceland, collects Elvis memorabilia, has a life sized cutout of him in her bedroom (snicker) and is pretty much known for her fanatical elvisness.
- I can remember his Records being played quite often as a child. whenever an anniversary special aired on TV, we would watch it. And my Father and I danced to Memories at my Wedding.
I would also have to say that In my adult years - the family (mom, dad, sister,aunt,& Gramma) has Kicked it up a notch! We are now Annual ELVIS FESTIVAL attendees.- This is a local event that attracts professional Elvis tribute artists from all over the country for a whole weekend filled with competitions and Concerts - It is the next best thing to the real deal. For my Grandmother's 81st Birthday, we threw her a surprise party, invited tons of people, and entertained them with one of our favorite local Elvis Tribute Artists! - It was extremely fun - even the youngest generation were tapping their feet! - (more fans in the making?)

Tonight was Our latest Elvis event. In honor of his Birthday - (Today Elvis would have been 74 years old) - we had an Elvis Movie Night!
Each of us made sure we wore our Blue Sued Shoes backstage passes,
and the Elvis BLING.

Elvis was invited - And he graciously accepted.
The guest of honor stood quietly in the living room as we watched one of the many television specials Airing in honor of his birthday and spoke of his unmatched beauty. Gramma had watched a few of his movies during the day and she believes "Girls Girls Girls" was one of his best - mainly because he is shown often in tight white shorts....
Then we chose to watch Viva Las Vegas.
We know that his movies were a lot of fluff, they are pretty "hokey", and you can't help but laugh. Although it was good he stopped making those movies, there were quite a few fantastic songs that came from them.
So after We poked a little fun, Aunt Carol Reminisced about how close she was to having tickets to see him in Syracuse in 1977, but that he died shortly before the appearance was scheduled. We Ended the evening with a little Elvis "eye candy" by watching our favorite concert THE '68 COMEBACK SPECIAL!
Nobody wears black leather quite like him!

We had a great time, and decided we would make it an annual Birthday party. Elvis threw out the Idea of a group shot to commemorate the first official Elvis Movie Night at the farm, so we couldn't disappoint.

side note: we are not the only crazy Elvis fans in the world. - For the second year in a row, Presley topped the Forbes magazine's list of Top-Earning Dead Celebrities, hauling in $52 million last year.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Big Girl Stuff

What do you get when you combine a whole stash of new makeup for Christmas with a little girl about to turn 4 years old? A B.E.A.UTIFUL rainbow!

Vivian was given makeup by a few people including SANTA this Christmas. She is in her GLORY I tell ya!!

That Purple suitcase stocked with every color imaginable for eyes and lips and fingers and toes. Complete with light up mirror and applicators of all sorts is just what this "rock star" wanted for Christmas. The lights shine just right for her to strategically Smear lipstick from cheek to cheek. Included were these wonderful brushes that really hold a lot of gloppy shimmery eye makeup so to be sure that even someone standing across the street would notice she was dolled up!

Less is MORE??? - not in Vivian's world! More is definitely more for her.

Christmas eve was when she began layering on the lips. I never let her "tie into" my makeup before, so she went pretty wild when she was in control of her own Compact. No one to tell her "that's enough". Christmas morning there were remnant stains from her previous face - Note: children's makeup has that "continuous wear" figured out.
But that didn't stop this beauty from applying new... and more eyeshadow and lipstick. she usually doesn't stop until she has applied a bit of everything.
pretty much all of our Christmas day pictures show vivian looking like she should be on the Drew Carey Show, but you know what? - she is a girlie girl through and through. Hopefully by the time she is 17 she will have perfected her makeup skills. For now, we make sure in our attempts to build self esteem to always tell her how beautiful she is no matter what. Gary is very good at emphasizing her NATURAL beauty when she is not wearing her makeup. Either way, I think she is a riot! A girl likes a little GLAM right?

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Brain Noodles

A Review

"Brain Noodles are jumbo silky fiber stems that bend any way you want. These versatile Noodles are great fun and have countless applications including toy, craft, educational, sensory integration, and occupational therapy"

toys that Challenge a child's mind are always a great contribution to their "mountain of toy" repertoire. Kyle and Vivian both got a package of these Brain Noodles for Christmas. They are pretty fantastic. I wish I had thought to take pictures of all of the creations we have twisted these soft, over sized pipe cleaners into. That is basically what they are - huge pipe cleaners!
Kyles package of 12 Noodles all have an animal print - perfect for his big imagination and fascination with animals. He quickly opened the box, and whipped up a quick Honeybee. It was great to see his excitement for something so creative. Since then, we both contributed to making a very cool hat that even sported a couple of antlers.

Vivian, who is just turning 4, needs a little more leading when it comes to actually making an idea out of the noodles. together, We have made a princess crown and some weird, girlie accessory that twisted around arms and ended up a belt (I guess). But that is the whole idea - get crazy!, invent something new!

For those children who need a few jump start ideas, each package comes with an idea book. The package also says for ages 5 and up, but I think my 4 year old is learning a lot from playing with them. There are no sharp points or edges, reusable, and non-toxic -A toy that we don't have to wait for Kerrigan to take a nap so we can play with it. (another bonus!)

I have compared these noodles to the fun of balloon animals. Have you ever tried to make balloon animals? I have tried, but to no avail. they are very frustrating, they pop, and who wants to listen to that squeaky sound balloons make when they rub together? This totally satisfies your (or just my) want to create balloon animals.
This was a present from my sister. She bought them at a book store called DOG ATE MY HOMEWORK. and I believe she paid $15.95 for each package of 12.

A great purchase for Christmas or birthday for kids that have everything. and every kid needs Creativity!