Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This and That.... and a contest

I haven't blogged in like a week!. I have tried numerous times from work, but of course I want to add pictures, and video and such, but I guess my work computer is just dumb. It isn't reading pictures that I have burned to Cd's in order to bring to work and upload. It is frustrating. I have the cutest picture of Kerrigan just waiting to be uploaded, but ........oh...oh...wait a minute.......something is saying it can read the picture.....oh yay! I think I am going to be able to...oh yup...tadaaaahhhhh! here she is all her adorableness!

I have been wanting to upload this to a site called I Heart Faces. They have contests each week with different themes. This weeks theme is B&W pictures. So I am going to go ahead and try to get it on there................... I'm not sure what I win, I think just the satisfaction of being picked by a judge...

Go visit the site here:

Ok now that I have entered that contest, I will stop short of rambling on about the happenings that have been going on over the past week....Don't worry you are not missing too much!
I will try to blog again tomorrow! Enjoy my little sweetie. I just think she looks like such a little angel in that picture.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Ok - Update - in our efforts to stay connected to society, The news...etc, we have borrowed and set up a pair of Rabbit ears and a converter box! Not exactly cable, but at just the right time of night (between 9:30 and midnight), when the antennas are pointed and balanced in just the right delicate angle, we are able to get channels 6, 10, and 13! wahooooo!

So last night we happened across this show called What Would You Do? I think it was on Channel 13? maybe 10? - if it wasn't either of those, it was 6. Anyway, it is a show that at first reminded me a little bit of candid Camera. Putting actors in places and doing things to see who would react to the situation and how. There were a couple of different scenarios played out, putting people in awkward positions of either intervening to stand up to a person making racial remarks, or telling your friend the shouldn't get married because you have information that it would be for the wrong reason..........things like that. It was pretty amusing.

Then they showed a child at a busy playground (actress) who was left alone for a few minutes by her nanny that had to run to the bathroom (actress). Along comes this stranger man (actor), who acts very normal and non threatening, but begins to strike up a conversation with the little girl. Tells her he likes her pigtails, makes up some story about a lost dog and asks if she wants to help him find it - maybe over near the bushes! Meanwhile, The other moms and Dads that are at the playground with their own children immediately start tuning into this guy, they find themselves moving closer to that little girl, making sure she stays put, almost looking like they would pounce on that man if he made one wrong move! Eventually the Mom's and Dad's can't keep their mouths shut and they intervene before things go too far. They tell that little girl she needs to stay where she is, do not go with that man, or come over here and swing with my daughter. It was so great to see so many Moms and Dads stepping up to protect that little girl. They were aware of the situation immediately and they were in alarm mode. Like a bear protecting her young. I was proud of these people. they had no idea there were cameras. when the hoax was revealed, they were relieved, and admitted that they were not going to let that girl go anywhere with that Man.

Then the show explained how many times they played out that scenario,(lots) and how only about a dozen people actually intervened! I was shocked. It made me think about myself in that position. Would I stand up to a stranger to protect a child I don't know? even with no signs of violence (yet) , would I have the instinct to know that something was not right? risk being wrong about the man's character? YOU BET I WOULD! at least in my head I would! I mean I have never been in that situation, and hopefully never will. But after watching how some of those moms took control, I was Pumped! - "yeah that's right Buddy - She isn't going anywhere with you! Drag your ass - what are you doing at a playground without kids of your own?" (that's me reacting in that situation Maybe it wouldn't be a good idea to swear in front of the kids.

Anyway, that show also re-emphasized my need to talk to my children about NOT talking to strangers! suddenly I was seeing Vivian on that swing all by herself - and I was wondering What Would She Do? - yup time for the stranger talk again - especially since I have One Very outgoing Boy, and the girls seem to want to follow in his footsteps. Although, One thing is for sure, I would have never left my child on the swing ALONE while I run to the bathroom. (really mom, I wouldn't).

Monday, February 16, 2009

Dragon Breath

We have a new addition to the family......This is our BEARDED DRAGON named Freddie........I had the cutest video of kyle holding our new pet FREDDIE and explaining all of the cool facts. He turned right into a mini Jeff Corwin as soon as the camera turned on. He is so proud. He talked about where he comes from (native to Australia), how big he will get (a foot long or so), right now he is just a little hatchling. And what he eats (crickets and all sorts of veggies and fruit)

BUT unfortunately, without my own computer to work with and upload the video, I can't seem to figure it out. I promise I will try again somehow, but for now, you will have to settle for this picture of him.

Yup! Call me crazy, Call me the coolestmomofaboy in the world, call me nurturing my son's love of everything Nature. In case you don't recall, THIS POST explains a lot about Kyle and his love for these Dinosaur creatures, and how long he has wanted this bearded dragon. Truth is, this little Saver, saved all his Christmas money, and the dollars he gets from his Meme each time he gets a 100 on a test at school, AND managed to fill a mason jar with beans he slowly earned for good behavior in order to buy his new little friend.

~~~Everything Kyle explained in the movie was accurate except for a part when he said the Dragon would charge after you to Bite! I think he just wanted to add a little DRAMA. Unless you are a cricket, Bearded Dragons are very docile. Except for the lack of cuddliness, I think they make a very good companion. (really wish you could have see the video)

......Just the other day, My Grandmother remarked (and this is exactly what she said)
"a'course I won't be here to see it, but I really wish I could see Kyle when he is all grown up, what he becomes. 'cause he'll be something spectacular I'm sure."
ummmm....yeah..........I was speechless to say the least...I was re-composed in about 10 minutes .

aside from that remark ripping my heart out to know that Gramma thinks about a time when she will no longer be alive, I often refuse to let myself think that time will come at all. At the same time, it warms my heart to know that she sees Kyle's potential. Gramma Claire is right - Kyle WILL become something spectacular - I'm sure!

Friday, February 13, 2009

TGIF the 13th?

What a week -

It is never fair when someone gets Cancer. It is heart wrenching to hear stories of children, Moms, Dads, Grandparents, Siblings, spouses, who have been stricken with the horrible thing called Cancer. Gary's Gramp was diagnosed with Cancer this past week. This man has lived to be 95 years old, survived raising 8 children, stayed in pretty good health, still able to live by himself and get around - until last week , when a couple of falls prompted doctor's to perform an MRI. It just doesn't seem fair. It is comforting to know that when he was given the news, he reflected on his good life. his long life. also mentioning that he has lived without his wife for 17 years.

His wishes were to return to his own home, take the wonderful service of Hospice, and surround himself with his family. Please Keep Him in your thoughts.

Wednesday's fiasco:

ok - picture this. My sister and I decide to leave our offices for our lunch hour in my van. about 4 miles down the road, I notice that the little needle that usually hangs out in the middle of the gage labeled cold and Hot, starts creeping up higher and higher toward the H!! I start flipping out getting pretty nervous. so I pull over, turn the van off, start calling Gary from Corin's cell phone to get advice on what to answer! he is home with the kids, no car, where the hell could he be? after calling six more times with no answer, we decide to start her up again and see if it cooled down, and maybe we could get close enough to someplace that could help us. - OK so we drive a little further, and up goes that damn needle again! So I pull back over, THIS time, we hear glub...glub...glub...glub - Corin gets out, looks under the car, and there is Antifreeze just pouring out the bottom of the van near the back!!!! aaaahhhhh! - So Corin calls her husband at work, his advice is to Drive to the Jiffy Lube that is about 1/2 mile down the road (through 2 more traffic lights!)............we make it to the Jiffy Lube, I parked like a crazy woman - which must prompt someone to come to ME and see what is the matter. When we described the problem, he hits us with " we are not a full service garage. The only thing I could do for you is to put antifreeze in it for you or flush it". (big sighhhhhh)..... He sends us down the road to another my head starts reeling again - I decide to go just a little further to the dealership that has done the work on our van when it is covered under warranty.......PLEASE let this problem be under warranty.... This was also my only option for a way back to work - they provide a shuttle service- So we drop off car, make it back to work, at 4:00 we bum a ride from a co-worker who lives nearby our houses....... that was exhausting. Needless to say - corin made it public on her facebook page that she intends to Never ride to work in her sister's van again.

Warranty???? not this time. We need new whatchamacallits hoses that cool something or other, and it will cost $500. - oh yeah, by the way, the inspection sticker runs out at the end of the month, and it won't pass until we replace the front left tie rod thingy! and get new tires! SLAM!

So we told them to go ahead with the cooling lines, but we are hoping to find a cheaper mechanic for the other work.

OK TAXES! you better get your butt deposited in the checking account - LIKE TODAY!

Thursday :

Vivian's preschool was having a little Valentine party, so we filled out the traditional Valentine cards - one for each child in the class. The one made out to Jack, we added a little heart next to his name (supposed boyfriend). about 15 cards in all, and we put them in a little baggie, popped them in her book bag and they were ready for school.
I talked to Viv on the phone after school. She DID NOT pass out her cards! - I still don't understand the misunderstanding, but she came home with a whole bag of cards and candy from the other kids. Apparently Gary just sent her in the door, didn't let the teachers know that the cards were in the bag- therefore , they must have assumed she I forgot them !

Car is Fixed. Still at the garage. Taxes still have not been deposited to our account. Will once again BORROW the money so I can pick it up today. Bumming another ride at 5:00 from a co-worker who lives near the garage.
We only have 6 Months of payments left on the van. Then we can say we own the piece of CRAP!
if this was a product review on a 2003 KIA Sedona minivan...... I would recommend NOT to buy a KIA. this is like the 4th time in a year that we had to have major work done on this vehicle (there are only 63,000 miles on it).

I am so glad this week is over. Monday is a holiday - I can't wait!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Looking back....A little NUTTY

As you know, we are currently functioning without television. It's not so bad....The only show I really Miss is Desperate Housewives. The kids are getting more mileage out of their Disney movies, And actually PLAYING TOGETHER! Forts have been constructed from blankets, and sisters are pretending to be Mother & daughter who have some strange pet (kyle) living with them. We have discovered T.V. is not a necessity....Yay!

One night when I was checking out our movie library for something to watch, I came across our video of "Kyle's first year". This is the video that started the day we brought him home from the hospital, lots of him sleeping, Some with the dog practically up his butt, more of him sleeping in the baby swing, laying on the floor....etc....etc...(it went on for hours)

How many of you out there have this same type of video of your first born???? come on - you know you do!....I think we were a little NUTTY!!

We have holiday get togethers that consist of the camera just fixed on Kyle. The segment of Christmas 2002, Kyle was 9 mo. old. It took him about 1/2 an hour to open ONE present, but luckily we captured every rip of the paper. - I was so frustrated watching this part because at one point I could tell that Grampa Hoddie was sitting near him, but all I could see was his shoes....I so wanted the camera to pan up and to the left so I could once again see how much Grampa loved watching the kids at Christmas. I could also hear my niece and nephew (then 3 and 7) actually having a conversation. Their cute little munchkin voices were loud enough I could tell they were really close to the videographer (Gary) , do you think we could get a glimpse of their cute faces ? NOPE - Kyle had some drool that was very exciting, didn't want to miss that!

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad we were so taken with our Son, of course he was our world. - I guess I am just feeling a little silly that we spent that much time savoring the uneventful things - almost like I didn't know all the wonderful moments that were to come - like actual activity! - And the sad part is - I didn't take out the camera nearly enough after that first year.

Now listen to this bad parenting.....We have since had two more children....Not one video of them until last month when I taped them doing their ballet dance. PLEASE tell me this happens in every house. Am I going to have to hide the Kyle video when the kids get older so not to make the girls feel less important? - Or will I conveniently "not be able to find their videos"? ekhem.....I was the second child, and Mom can't find my baby book.

I will give myself some credit now....I take pictures ALL the time - like crazy! of ALL of them! - I have 3 very up-to-date, equally detailed baby books. I also have "naked tiny baby pictures of all of them to decorate the bathroom wall.(someday Kerrigan's will actually make it to a frame).

I feel better, ....but the video is still pretty NUTTY!

Friday, February 6, 2009

My Name Is Not Isabella

Time for another review. -

This book was given to Vivian as a Christmas gift from Aunt Corin (huh? another review of a Corin gift?). Let me tell you - I think I have read this book to the kids about 14 times. I really enjoy it. They really enjoy it.

Isabella's Mother thinks she is waking her daughter Isabella up in the morning for school...only to learn she has awoke her little girl AND her big imagination. Isabella takes us on a journey through her day as she pretends to be various women, who throughout history, have made their mark with notable achievements such as inventors, Astronauts, doctors and activists.

Vivian enjoys this book because each time Isabella changes her name to a new historic woman, I try to change my voice to become the character. such as when Isabella becomes Annie Oakley, I channel the very best cowgirl imitation I can muster up! And then, a couple pages later, when Isabella says her name is Elizabeth (Blackwell), I tone it down a bit and speak as if I am extremely well-read, and talk as if I need to look over the top of some bifocal glasses (my interpretation of a woman Doctor from the 1800's I guess).

Truth be told, I enjoy reading the book just as much as Vivian enjoys Listening to it.

At the end, Isabella pays tribute to a Mommy - SO great that in that little girl's eyes, her mother ranks right up there with the greatest women in history. - What a great message!

In the back of the book, there are more details about each of the women Isabella pretends to be and their accomplishments. Sort of a mini history lesson.

The Author, Jennifer Fosberry, is an upstate New York Native, was a classmate of my sister's (our copy is now autographed), and also happens to be a third cousin to my Husband! - So not only is this book a great recommendation for young readers as an early inspiration to do great things as a woman, but it has a local success story attached to it as well.

I hope you all get a chance to read My Name Is Not Isabella. published by Monkey barrel press

Thursday, February 5, 2009

the light came on!

I Finally figured out how to make all of these cool changes to all the words. I was feeling kinda Blahh with my posts and jealous of all the other blogs I read that have colors and BIG lettering and they just seemed to have more personality showing. Now I can too! It only took me 4 months! lol. I just had to "expand my widgets" whatchamacallits!
I still haven't figures out how they put the line through the words that they really want to say, but shouldn't - if you can tell me how to do that I would appreciate it.