Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Looking back....A little NUTTY

As you know, we are currently functioning without television. It's not so bad....The only show I really Miss is Desperate Housewives. The kids are getting more mileage out of their Disney movies, And actually PLAYING TOGETHER! Forts have been constructed from blankets, and sisters are pretending to be Mother & daughter who have some strange pet (kyle) living with them. We have discovered T.V. is not a necessity....Yay!

One night when I was checking out our movie library for something to watch, I came across our video of "Kyle's first year". This is the video that started the day we brought him home from the hospital, lots of him sleeping, Some with the dog practically up his butt, more of him sleeping in the baby swing, laying on the floor....etc....etc...(it went on for hours)

How many of you out there have this same type of video of your first born???? come on - you know you do!....I think we were a little NUTTY!!

We have holiday get togethers that consist of the camera just fixed on Kyle. The segment of Christmas 2002, Kyle was 9 mo. old. It took him about 1/2 an hour to open ONE present, but luckily we captured every rip of the paper. - I was so frustrated watching this part because at one point I could tell that Grampa Hoddie was sitting near him, but all I could see was his shoes....I so wanted the camera to pan up and to the left so I could once again see how much Grampa loved watching the kids at Christmas. I could also hear my niece and nephew (then 3 and 7) actually having a conversation. Their cute little munchkin voices were loud enough I could tell they were really close to the videographer (Gary) , do you think we could get a glimpse of their cute faces ? NOPE - Kyle had some drool that was very exciting, didn't want to miss that!

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad we were so taken with our Son, of course he was our world. - I guess I am just feeling a little silly that we spent that much time savoring the uneventful things - almost like I didn't know all the wonderful moments that were to come - like actual activity! - And the sad part is - I didn't take out the camera nearly enough after that first year.

Now listen to this bad parenting.....We have since had two more children....Not one video of them until last month when I taped them doing their ballet dance. PLEASE tell me this happens in every house. Am I going to have to hide the Kyle video when the kids get older so not to make the girls feel less important? - Or will I conveniently "not be able to find their videos"? ekhem.....I was the second child, and Mom can't find my baby book.

I will give myself some credit now....I take pictures ALL the time - like crazy! of ALL of them! - I have 3 very up-to-date, equally detailed baby books. I also have "naked tiny baby pictures of all of them to decorate the bathroom wall.(someday Kerrigan's will actually make it to a frame).

I feel better, ....but the video is still pretty NUTTY!


SweetPeaSurry said...

I don't have a first born, or a last born for that matter, i cannot relate to the video of sleeping babies. I do have a KAGILLION piccies of my dogs as puppies though. I just can't find any of them. :)

Jennifer W said...

I went without TV for awhile, and sometimes wish I never let it back in. But ah, Noggin.

I have tons of nutty videos of the girly. And my camera went to war with my computer so they are all stranded on un-editable disks. I'll get there some day.