Saturday, January 3, 2009

Brain Noodles

A Review

"Brain Noodles are jumbo silky fiber stems that bend any way you want. These versatile Noodles are great fun and have countless applications including toy, craft, educational, sensory integration, and occupational therapy"

toys that Challenge a child's mind are always a great contribution to their "mountain of toy" repertoire. Kyle and Vivian both got a package of these Brain Noodles for Christmas. They are pretty fantastic. I wish I had thought to take pictures of all of the creations we have twisted these soft, over sized pipe cleaners into. That is basically what they are - huge pipe cleaners!
Kyles package of 12 Noodles all have an animal print - perfect for his big imagination and fascination with animals. He quickly opened the box, and whipped up a quick Honeybee. It was great to see his excitement for something so creative. Since then, we both contributed to making a very cool hat that even sported a couple of antlers.

Vivian, who is just turning 4, needs a little more leading when it comes to actually making an idea out of the noodles. together, We have made a princess crown and some weird, girlie accessory that twisted around arms and ended up a belt (I guess). But that is the whole idea - get crazy!, invent something new!

For those children who need a few jump start ideas, each package comes with an idea book. The package also says for ages 5 and up, but I think my 4 year old is learning a lot from playing with them. There are no sharp points or edges, reusable, and non-toxic -A toy that we don't have to wait for Kerrigan to take a nap so we can play with it. (another bonus!)

I have compared these noodles to the fun of balloon animals. Have you ever tried to make balloon animals? I have tried, but to no avail. they are very frustrating, they pop, and who wants to listen to that squeaky sound balloons make when they rub together? This totally satisfies your (or just my) want to create balloon animals.
This was a present from my sister. She bought them at a book store called DOG ATE MY HOMEWORK. and I believe she paid $15.95 for each package of 12.

A great purchase for Christmas or birthday for kids that have everything. and every kid needs Creativity!


Tracey said...

I had seen something like those and thought "pipe cleaners, but more expensive..." However, pipe cleaners are sharp on the edges... They look like fun but still sound a bit overpriced for what they are.

Definitely something to look for a sale on!

Momma said...

I would love to see some of the finished projects! I never know what to make with stuff like that.