Saturday, January 24, 2009


push play:

Today was Karate class #3. Uniforms arrived!
How cute is my little karate Kid!!??

Parents are not allowed to watch the class anymore...The teacher X-ed that out the second week. He said he didn't want the kids to get distracted.... EXCuse am I going to take pictures at every class?, and how am I going to get great action shots for my blog????
(could my picture taking at the first class be the distraction he was referring to??...nahhh....that would be too embarrassing)
Anyway, these are the pictures I managed to take at the first class...before I was banned.

And these are the pictures from home that Kyle had FUN posing for.

He is having a great time in the class. He says they are learning to count to ten in Japanese, doing lots of crunches...(can I join?), and they have contests of who can NOT get pushed out of the black square..(so far a GIRL is the champ).
Five more weeks of beginner classes to go. - then hopefully the next class will be offered right away that will add a little more CHALLENGE.

Remember.... WAX ON, WAX OFF...


Vanessa said...

Love the music while reading your blog. You are so good at this blogging stuff. Kyle looks like he has been taking lessons for years in his pictures. Such a handsome karate kid. I'm so glad he likes it, good exercise for him, not that HE needs it. Keep up the good work guys.

SweetPeaSurry said...

Aww ... I can't listen to the music, I blop at work.

I LOVED the karate kid when I was growing up.

I'm taking Kenpo. I look horrible in my uniform, and the belt is really NOT flattering!!!

Thing about martial arts, is when you're a black belt and you're teaching soon to be little black belts ... it's a state of mind, not a mommy taking piccies adventure.

This post probably won't get approved, I'm not a mommy, I'm just making guesses here. Sorry about missing out on class pics!

corin said...

He looks like a natural. Love the music. It set the tone for viewing the pictures. Not sure if that was what added to my tearing up or how old he looks in that uniform. Soooooo Cute.

Jennifer W said...

Hopefully he will not use any of his new moves on his sisters.

Your children are so lucky to have a mother who diligently documents their lives in pictures. Especially since photography is one of your passions. I'd hardly equate your beautiful work to anything like snapping piccies. Don't be shamed out of it by anyone.

Momma said...

Great pics! I would have a hard time not being able to watch...and take pics! So what do you do while he is in class???

Allison said...

Thanks Jen - I see you took it the same way I did! It was supposed to sound sarcastic anyway - of course I didn't REALLY think I should be allowed to take pictures at every class.

momma - I go to my in-laws right around the corner and have coffe and the girls get to hang out with us too.