Friday, December 4, 2009

Amusing conversations

If you really listen to your children talk, you can hear some pretty funny conversations.

kyle: (to me)" Do you know *anna smtih* ?"
me: "No - is she in your class?"
Kyle: "yes and she" (try to hear this said in a very annoyed/embarrassed/whiny-head shaking voice) "she said she has a crush on me...."
Me: "oh yeah? did she tell you that? - what did you say to her?"
Kyle - "I couldn't say anything - she ran away"

Kyle: (after my reaction wasn't one of disgust) " I know - all the girls think I'm handsome"
Me: "Smart Girls! - don't let them get you into trouble in school." (he doesn't need help in that dept)


Last night as the kids were raising h . e . double hockey sticks in the living room - running and wrestling.....My dainty / girlie Vivian turned to her brother real serious, put her legs into a steady stance, motioned real slow with her finger and said BRING IT!!!!

I could have peed my pants laughing

This Morning Kerrigan was listening to Kyle (the expert on everything ) tell her and show her on a 5 dollar bill that the man on it is Abraham Lincoln......He was a president....."and did you know? - he is on the Penny too!
Oh my gosh - you would have thought kyle just told her the most interesting thing in the world - her reaction was so cute......
Kerrigan: " oh WOW! I love it Kyle! COOL!

(was she just amusing him? how could a 2 year old think that was interesting? )

I love to listen to them interact with each other when they are not poking/hitting/pinching/teasing and trying to get the other one in trouble.........Doesn't happen all that often. I'm soaking it up.

* name changed to protect the innocent*