Monday, June 29, 2009

That's a new one!

Vivian and Kerrigan taking a tubby......I'm at the sink fixing my hair

here's the conversation:

Viv: Kerrigan's tushy is really chubby! (laughing)
me: Yeah but that's how baby's tushies are supposed to be
Viv: yeah, 'cause she's little.
Me: Mommy's tushy is the one that's not supposed to be so CHUBBY!
Viv: (listen to how she tries to make me feel better) But that's ok - mommys and daddys are supposed to be chubby too and have chubby legs......
Me: Aunt corin's legs are not chubby?
Viv: Well, I think maybe that's cause she takes showers so much!

There we have it - apparently I just need to concentrate on showering more in order to reduce my chubby butt and legs. - WHO KNEW???

Friday, June 26, 2009

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

HaPpY BiRtHdAy BaBy

I remember the good old days when a year seemed like such a long time.... Not anymore! - It seems like the years are just flying by now that I am watching my 3 little ones sprout new things each and every day! I have really seen this happening with Kerrigan. Today is her birthday. She is 2.
I clearly remember her 1st birthday as if it was last week. dressed in her size 18 month outfit that I was sad to put away just 2 months after she wore it. She is really growing like a weed! not like a weed, but more like the cutest little flower......
In just one year she has learned so much!
**She is much wiser now - Kyle can only fool her into jumping for something as he snatches it away 1 time before she hauls off and clocks him for teasing!
**She now knows that Mom and Dad are suckers for allowing all 3 kids to climb into bed with them - no matter how cramped it gets.
**She knows how to tattle on Her brother and sister for things like splashing in the tub and pinching. And she also know how to join in with the splashing in the tub and the pinching.
**She knows how to offer Gramma Cindy some coffee when she comes for a visit. (too cute)
**She is not afraid of bugs, or lizards, or MEN!
**She knows that Hugs and kisses are the best medicine.
**She knows her hair is pretty in a pony
**She knows how to read her books at Meme's house from memory.
**she has learned that persistence gets results.
Yes folks. This is my 2 year not-so-baby baby...daddy's princess...mommy's almost birthday present.....
She is growing so fast - almost faster than her brother and sister did - it seems.

Will it ever slow back down? probably not, and soon I will be feeling like my Mother who just watched her baby (me) turn 32 yesterday.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Lucky Day??

We got this flyer in the mail the other day from a car dealership. I am one of those who would have seen that it was a flyer from a car dealership and just tossed it. Junk Mail. We are approaching our last few car payments on the van and hope to drive it for a few more miles after it's completely ours. So you see, there would have been no reason for me to even read the rest of the "pitch". But I didn't get the mail, Gary did. This flyer shouted about a 1st ever huge deal event! Come to the dealership on Wednesday - If your number matches one of the prize numbers (which it did) you are a guaranteed winner! PLUS, you could have a chance to win $25,000. PLUS have a chance to spin a wheel with prizes up to $250. PLUS get a great deal on a new or used car. PLUS it is a catered event.........
I was suckered into being the family spokeswoman on my lunch hour. I have to admit, the only reason I agreed to use my WHOLE lunch hour was that stink'n chance to win $25,000. - oh yeah - I wanted it! - but my hopes weren't up too high....I (we) never win anything.

Here is the play by play:

Arrive at the dealership, walk in the front door and I was invited to sit down with a lovely young woman who looked at my flyer and excitedly told me that I was a winner of a 2 night CRUISE for 2 from Ft. Lauder dale Florida to the Bahamas! I think she expected me to jump up and down. lol. I asked her if we would be able to give it away to relatives. ( Gary would never set foot on a cruise boat - chicken. and we would have to pay for transportation to FL). She assured me that we could give it away and there was no time limit to use it.....Very well, NEXT prize please!

She handed me a scratch off ticket that turned out to be my chance at $25,000.00! I had to scratch 6 (and only 6) squares off this card that had 30 squares on it. of those six that I scratch, ALL 6 of them have to be pictures of a pot of gold! - are you freakin kidding me? - those odds really sucked! - The very first one I scratched was a stupid rainbow. Done! It was pointless of me to even try another square.....but I did - in fact, since I had already lost, I told her I was scratching the whole card to see how many pots of gold there were..........guess what - there were only six on the whole card. - I would have had to guess 100% accurately. ( now I'm feeling like a big loser. No $25,000, and a cruise I know we won't go on ).
Then I remembered the free spin on the wheel! - I stepped up and felt like I was on the Price Is Right - except the wheel was really small. I glanced at the prizes. they were: a free oil change, $500 off a car (whoopee) and monetary values from $250 on down to $1. I spun that wheel hoping for the $250 of course. What did I land on????? $10.00!!!!!!!!!!
not what I had hoped for, not the kind of prize that would allow me to act like a fool in public like I had thought about in the car ride there, BUT $10 is $10!!! I walked away a winner. - it was more fun on a lunch hour than I had had in a while.

It's not like me to be lucky. The stars must have been aligned just right for me yesterday - when I got back to the office, I noticed that I had a comment from Tracy over at Just another mommy blog...... Guess what! - I was a WINNER AGAIN! - she had a giveaway on her blog of a web cam and I was one of 3 winners!

Stupidly - I did not play the Lottery yesterday OR go to the Racino....duh I know!

Monday, June 15, 2009

The artistic side

I wanted to share a couple of my new favorite pictures. I was able to edit our camping pictures at my sister's house last night. She has a more updated version of the easy share software than I do and it has an effect called Spotlight that I have totally fallen in love with.

While we were camping I "coached" the kids into a couple of Kodak Cannon moments that I envisioned in my head. I wanted to try and capture a picture of the kids that resembled one I have seen of the live.laugh.pull your hair out family. The moment I saw that picture, I knew I had to have one like it of my kids. and here it is

I get such a great feeling when I look at this picture. It came out exactly how I hoped it would. It definitely shows the artistic side of photography that I like to capture. It helps that these darling siblings that look like they are off on an adventure with their big brother belong to me, but I also love it because they could be any kid. They could be strangers and I would still love this picture.

My second favorite "artsy" picture is this one of all three of them hanging on the fence. I get the old time feel with the sepia color, but I also think it is a great candid, un-posed shot. again, they could be any kid and I think I would still love this picture.

Yup, I'm bragging a little. But I am getting myself psyched for this weekend. I am taking wedding photos for friends this Saturday, so I am gearing up for the traditional as well as some artistic shots. I just hope everyone appreciates the artistic as much as the traditional.

Monday, June 8, 2009

"Naturally" Busy

We went on a family Camping trip this weekend. It was our first since we had Kerrigan. Gary's Cousin Dianna is leaving for the air force in a week, so Gary's Mom and sister planned this camping trip for all of us to spend time with her before she leaves. 3 campsites....2 trailers.... 3 tents....3 kids....11 adults....5 dogs. A great time!

We already know that Kyle is a good camper - Actually he is a great camper. He is in his element - the best behavior you could witness out of him is while we are camping. (too bad we don't do it more often). Vivian of course goes with the flow wherever, but comments like "this is the best camp ever" came out of her mouth this weekend. it makes me feel all warm and happy inside to hear the kids say things like that. It's way better than just a "Thank You". Vivian was 18 months old the last time we went camping. She didn't remember any of it, so in a sense this was her AND Kerrigan's first Camping trip! Just something about getting as dirty as possible, and having it be OK - they love it! We don't own our own camper anymore, so we were very thankful that a friend let us barrow his camper trailer. I am not a very good tent camper, and add 3 kids to the mix, I would be a miserable tent camper.

I took many pictures over the weekend - perhaps they will help show how much fun we had:
Of course, what would camping be without S'MORES!!!

Helping Daddy cook breakfast............And then eating camp food all day longQuite a crew for Dinner - Steak, chicken, and Ham.......not too shabby!

Jiffy - Pop was a new experience for us! the girls love their Popcorn, and this was fun too.

I always thought you cooked jiffy-pop over the campfire, but come to find out, the handle isn't long enough........come on Jiffy- Pop makers, Longer handle would make it more kid friendly!

There were many trips to the Horse stables - this was one of their favorite things to do. I didn't mind - once you get used to the smell, it was a great place for pictures.........

There were also Many many bike rides, and a fantastic blow-up canoe trip around the lake that I didn't get pictures of because the camera would have definately gotten wet.

This successful vacation, although a short one, got us thinking more about our much anticipated trip to Disney coming up in about 6 months. I worry about my sanity on vacation with these 3 busy Children. We will be in Florida - not just a mere 10 miles down the road in case life turns bad. I worry that in Disney Kyle will "mistakenly" pinch his sisters, which will then set the mood for a day full of whining, retaliation, Stubborn moods...etc.

The good news is, we are staying at the Disney CAMPGROUND! It will have all the great excitements of camping that the kids like, along with transportation to the parks. My mind is much more at ease....... but if things DO get out of hand, and we need a break from naughty kids, This may be a good option........