Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'm 4, and I'm Fast!

I came home from work last week, to find that Vivian had learned how to ride her bike without training wheels. Vivian often surprises me with how much she can do. Sometimes I forget that she is only 4. - this is one of those times. For a couple of days, she rode just on the grass in case she needed a " soft landing", her method of take-off was a big push from mom or dad. But as I took these pictures on Friday, She was a biking fool. She can take off all by herself, she has advanced to riding on the pavement, and she loves to show visitors how she can ride all the way around the house. she beams with pride as everyone cheers her on!
I remember riding my first 2 - wheel Bike....The feeling of such freedom!
You go Viv!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Not quite how I remembered it

You know those movies you remember loving as a kid? - For some reason there are a few that stick out in my mind that I remember getting so excited about when they would air on TV. Tonight as I'm burning the midnight oil - doing laundry, and I was flipping through the channels, I found THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING WOMAN! I used to love that movie....or I did as a child. Umm yeah - the movie is over, and it is now 1:33 am., I am so wishing I had spent the last hour and 1/2 sleeping, or .....anything else. I guess as a child (1981 - I was 4) I was so caught up in the incredibleness of Lily Tomlin being so small that she could sleep in the doll house...or the extremely disgusting thought of someone being so small, that they could get lost in a garbage disposal, that I couldn't see that the plot of the movie was SO STUPID!
Were these actors ever allowed to make any more movies? - oh lily Tomlin was because she was in another one of my favorites I haven't seen in ages...... 9-5. I know the plot of that one is stupid, yet I watched it whenever I new it would be on.
I hope my caliber of movies has improved with age. For some strange reason I think I should watch "THE ELECTRIC GRANDMOTHER" again. (another one of my all time favorites) - something tells me just by saying the title - It would probably be another disappointment. Just goes to show you, kids can be entertained by just about anything.

What were some of your favorites as a child that you know would make you shake your head now?

Monday, May 18, 2009

Observant? Honest? or just plain OBVIOUS?

Hey ! - It's been a while. I intended to blog these thoughts from Mother's day on.....or around... well, Mother's day! But I have been a little "pre-occupied" at work, and it is just plain too hard to blog at someone Else's Internet blessed house. SO, I broke down and signed up for dial-up again. (dun dun dunnnnn!) yes, I said (say it in slow motion) d.i.a.l....u..p.
It is kinda painful to try to blog with such SLOWNESS. But that is just the kind of blog junkie I have become. I need my fix - even under these conditions.

So anyway, back to Mother's Day.

Think way back to Mother's day - What kind of sweet nothings did your kids say to you??? How much love was in the air at your house???

WOW - mine too......except I also got this compliment from my 7 year old. :
"Mom? how come when Kerrigan came out of your belly, you never got slim again???"

oooohhh OUCH! - yeah. That one stung. - Kids, you gotta love 'em!

I said "I guess cause it's hard for Mommy to find time to exercise. - I sure wish I had your flat, muscled up tummy!"

This brings me to Another story. It was about a year ago. Miss Vivian was in my bedroom with me while I was getting dressed. And this little voice so cute and innocent, almost sounded excited as she said...." Someday, I'm going to get LONG boobies like you! right Mom??!??!!!

"oh - only if your lucky"

(In my defense, I did breastfeed kyle till he was 18 months, Vivian to 12 months and Kerrigan to 9 months.....they sucked the life out of them!)

"out of the mouths of babes", as they say.

Mother's day was all in all a very nice day. I was given a couple of really cute gifts. One was made at preschool, and the other in first grade. That was really all I needed. We also had a little cookout picnic. (stuffed the fat belly a little fuller.) - My birthday I am asking for Diet Pills!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Up Yonda....

I was so happy to take the Morning off from work to accompany Vivian on her preschool field trip to Up Yonda Farms. Viv tagged along on this trip a couple of years ago when it was Kyle's field trip. - But this time it was all about her. I left Kerrigan home with Daddy to make sure I could focus on being there with Vivian. Besides, The theme of the trip was Pond Life. I'm afraid Kerrigan would have literally been part of the pond life.

It was great to see Viv in a group of kids her age. So many times, she is trying to play with kids older or younger than her at family functions.

The object of the day was to take these big nets, stand on the shore of the pond, and scoop your heart out in hopes to bring in something alive....something really interesting!

Viv and I managed to haul in a couple of cray fish - which neither of us would pick up. "too pinchy", a really big and fat tadpole, and a water beetle.

Others found green frogs, salamanders, and fish.

I was surprised to see her so excited about all the creatures. I guess she has learned a lot from her brother. One of the big green frogs got jumped out of the aquarium and almost got away, but Viv was right there to scoop him back up again......she did not learn that from me!

After we studied all of our findings, we gathered at the picnic tables for a quick snack and then we were on our way back home.

I was off to work for the afternoon. It always feels good to have the one on one time with each child. That doesn't happen very often, but I could tell it was special for both of us.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Let me show you Cute!

Thank you to everyone who voted for Miss Kerrigan........but........She didn't win the Baby contest from the radio station:-( ( sniff sniff )
I have no way of knowing how many votes she actually got, but I did get an e-mail that there was a tie and to cast my vote for the tie breaker. Ummmm I didn't really want to vote for someone else's baby - but I picked the one with the head of hair that looked like a wig.

I have submitted each of the kid's pictures at one time or another to some sort of baby photo contest....we have never won! I know it can't be that there are others that are cuter! - I have come to the conclusion that it is a little like Dancing with the stars - It isn't necessarily the less talented Dancer that gets kicked off each week. The one that stays just creates or brings with it a bigger fan base...... Ty Murray was proof of that last week. There must be a ton of cowboys out there watching DWTS this season.

Anyway....I don't need her to win a contest to know that Kerrigan is currently the cutest baby in the world - but the $500 savings bond would have been great.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Vote for this Face ;-)

I have entered Kerrigan's picture in a cutest baby contest with a local radio station's web site.

KERRIGAN would really appreciate all her blogger fan's Votes. If she wins, she will get a $500 savings bond.

Your Mission should you choose to accept it:

GO HERE and become a froggy nation member (you can unsubscribe after this week). Fill out your e-mail address and other applicable info. They will then send you an e-mail telling you to vote. You then reply to the e-mail by writing
" My name is (insert your name) and I vote for #20".

You can do this once per day until Friday 5/8! Thanks in advance! - We will let you know if she wins!

Friday, May 1, 2009


Bedtime snack at our house is usually Popcorn. Last night we tried something different. - Smoothies. It was gary's suggestion on the last grocery shopping trip to pick up OJ and frozen strawberries. He thought the kids would enjoy some smoothies!

He was Right!

Too bad he wasn't home with us to enjoy his suggestion.


(Viv, you should really look when you pour)