Sunday, May 24, 2009

Not quite how I remembered it

You know those movies you remember loving as a kid? - For some reason there are a few that stick out in my mind that I remember getting so excited about when they would air on TV. Tonight as I'm burning the midnight oil - doing laundry, and I was flipping through the channels, I found THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING WOMAN! I used to love that movie....or I did as a child. Umm yeah - the movie is over, and it is now 1:33 am., I am so wishing I had spent the last hour and 1/2 sleeping, or .....anything else. I guess as a child (1981 - I was 4) I was so caught up in the incredibleness of Lily Tomlin being so small that she could sleep in the doll house...or the extremely disgusting thought of someone being so small, that they could get lost in a garbage disposal, that I couldn't see that the plot of the movie was SO STUPID!
Were these actors ever allowed to make any more movies? - oh lily Tomlin was because she was in another one of my favorites I haven't seen in ages...... 9-5. I know the plot of that one is stupid, yet I watched it whenever I new it would be on.
I hope my caliber of movies has improved with age. For some strange reason I think I should watch "THE ELECTRIC GRANDMOTHER" again. (another one of my all time favorites) - something tells me just by saying the title - It would probably be another disappointment. Just goes to show you, kids can be entertained by just about anything.

What were some of your favorites as a child that you know would make you shake your head now?

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Jennifer W said...

The Black Stallion. On TV: Misfits of Science.