Friday, May 15, 2009

Up Yonda....

I was so happy to take the Morning off from work to accompany Vivian on her preschool field trip to Up Yonda Farms. Viv tagged along on this trip a couple of years ago when it was Kyle's field trip. - But this time it was all about her. I left Kerrigan home with Daddy to make sure I could focus on being there with Vivian. Besides, The theme of the trip was Pond Life. I'm afraid Kerrigan would have literally been part of the pond life.

It was great to see Viv in a group of kids her age. So many times, she is trying to play with kids older or younger than her at family functions.

The object of the day was to take these big nets, stand on the shore of the pond, and scoop your heart out in hopes to bring in something alive....something really interesting!

Viv and I managed to haul in a couple of cray fish - which neither of us would pick up. "too pinchy", a really big and fat tadpole, and a water beetle.

Others found green frogs, salamanders, and fish.

I was surprised to see her so excited about all the creatures. I guess she has learned a lot from her brother. One of the big green frogs got jumped out of the aquarium and almost got away, but Viv was right there to scoop him back up again......she did not learn that from me!

After we studied all of our findings, we gathered at the picnic tables for a quick snack and then we were on our way back home.

I was off to work for the afternoon. It always feels good to have the one on one time with each child. That doesn't happen very often, but I could tell it was special for both of us.

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corin said...

that was well deserved mommy/viv time...for more reasons than the obvious.