Monday, August 24, 2009

Freddie update

This is Freddie when we first got him as a hatchling. I am not positive on a measurement, but I would say back then, in January, he was about 6 inches from nose to tail.

We were told when we bought him, that they learn to love their owners and become very social with them. Kyle would be able to take him out of his cage and interact, (and kyle was hoping - take him for a walk). But believe it or not, Kyle was a bit skittish after Freddie began to grow, and I think Freddie could sense that. Freddie did his own thing, entertaining us from inside his tank, and Kyle took care of his needs as a great lizard owner From the outside. Kyle figures, Freddie was pretty wiggly and we didn't need an escaped dragon on the loose in our house......that could spell disaster for sure. While visiting the pet store yesterday, we inquired to what looked to us like a bearded dragon expert (he claimed to own 3 of them) and he worked there, about the habits of our beardie. He explained to Kyle that when picking him up, he should do so making sure that his back legs are supported in his hand. This will make him feel safer and more relaxed when being handled.

As soon as we returned home, Freddie was being mauled Kyle tested out this new handling strategy........It worked! soon Freddie seemed very comfy with Kyle picking him up and soon kyle had him perched right on his shirt. I couldn't believe it!

So here is Freddie again Folks, He is about 8 months old now and I bet he has more than doubled in size. And doing very well!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Marriage Story

Once Upon A Time..... Not too long ago, ( 9 years ago today to be exact), 2 high school sweethearts said "I Do" in a small Chapel on a lake. It was here that a new chapter in their lives began.
A year and 1/2 later, they were blessed with a son. A young prince to fill their lives with joy. Wife stayed home to tend to the little prince and their castle, while husband worked outside the castle. A few more years passed and this little family grew a little bigger as they welcomed their first princess. A prince and a princess, one of each - who could ask for anything more? well, how about one more little princess? yes indeed this castle is full -of love! Wife decided that both her and husband needed to be working outside the castle in order for things to run more smoothly. And so they learned to Juggle - juggle work schedules, family time and chores. (It turns out that husband is a better castle cleaner and clothes washer than wife.) Husband and wife feel very busy, and that there lives couldn't possibly be fuller.
with each passing day, they remember to say I love you, and often reminisce about times past - before there were a prince and princesses. - it seems so long ago - yet they feel today they are having the best times of their lives. And so on nights when they have time to themselves (try to find one of those!) they sit back and relax, plan a few future alterations to the castle, and reflect on their love of each other, their children and their future together. Their pockets are pretty empty, but their hearts are RICH. they know their story is one of happily ever after.

Happy Anniversary Husband............Love, Wife


***disclaimer**** I am not responsible for feelings of sickness after reading all this mush. Obviously their life is not always roses - but for purposes of a fairytale, other emotions have been left out.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Blogable Moments?

My sister once commented asked, jokingly, "do your kids know that everything they do can be considered a blogable moment?"
Then this weekend, while my mother-in-law was in the car with our crazy joyful family, she said (after witnessing our craziness) "now I understand why you have so much to blog about!"

I have to admit, I think our little family of multiple personalities come up with some doozies that feed my desire to blog. trouble is, sometimes there are so many, I spend too much time thinking about which ones to blog about, I run out of time to blog about them......hence the last time I blogged was a week and 1/2 ago.
There have been many blogable moments over the past 2 weeks that I wish I had mentioned - so guess what?... I'm going to mention them all right now. - a condensed version.

1. Kerrigan has an obsession with flip flops. She has been taking over Vivian's flip flops for about a month now. She doesn't care that they are 2 sizes too big. She can indeed run in them (most of the time). If she can't find two matching flops, she is not above mixing and matching. She has a meltdown if she spills her milk, and the milk gets on her flip flops.....and I might be able to get her to take them off when she goes to bed.

2. Our latest experience at the drive thru of Micky D's:
Gary: you guys hungry? you want to go thru the drive thru?
viv: No...
Kerrigan: (head shake NO)
Kyle: I just want a hot fudge Sundae

Gary : O - k ? (that never happens)
Kyle: Vanilla Ice Cream Dad!!!!!
Gary : OK

Gary orders a hot fudge sundae and pulls up to the next window....

Kyle: Dad, I didn't want hot fudge - I just wanted Vanilla Ice Cream!

Gary pays for the unwanted hot fudge sundae and then orders a plain Vanilla.
we get the ice cream and pass it to the back of the van to kyle. Gary pulls away.


3. We picked a million green beans out of the Garden on Saturday and spent the morning washing, cutting, and bagging them up. When we took our share home, we headed out to the store for Bean and Potato soup ingredients. As soon as the soup was done cooking, we put it in Tupperware, and headed to the Cemetery.....( what's the matter, you've never had dinner at the Cemetery?) We set out our folding chairs and enjoyed Grampa Hoddie's favorite meal - with him! Vivian outwardly and quite loudly RAVED about how "totally good" the soup was, and she was going to "totally eat the whole thing"! Gramp was chuckly I'm sure.

4. Today I will see my husband clean shaven ( go -T -less) for the first time since he was about 18! - I am a little nervous. at 18 and no facial hair, he still had the hair on his his whole head will be naked! He has to be clean shaven for the physical fitness portion of his exam he is taking to become a correction officer. Keep your fingers crossed! Think speed at around 5:30 - he needs to run the 300 meter dash in 66 seconds......and we have no idea how far 300 meters looks like.....nice huh?


5. - yesterday, Gary informs me at 3:45, before leaving work, that he borrowed his dad's boat......we were heading to the river for a relaxing ride after work....

I had a great idea - lets ask my parents to go ( My mom is a nervous Nellie - especially on a boat.....with 3 kids) but It was going to be fun !

Gary packed up Kyle and Viv, Headed out first with the boat. Kerrigan and I ran to his Mom's to get the kid's life jackets, stop to get drinks for the cooler, then swing up to get my Mom and dad, and we would all meet at the boatlaunch........dun..dun...dunnnnnn

We arrived at the boat launch just in time to see a good Samaritan with a pontoon boat, pulling my hubby and 2 children in the boat up to the dock by a rope. They had taken off in the boat, circled around for a little bit before they heard a load clunk, and the motor stopped.
Our relaxing boat ride was over before it began. My mom and dad went back home, and we returned the boat to it's home with a big band-aid. whoops........ It wasn't until later that Gary told me that him and kyle were actually paddling upstream, trying to get back to the boat launch, when the man came out and offered them a pull. Whew If that had happened with Nervous Cindy on board, She surely would have thought we were doomed. Next time I ask my parents to go for a boat ride.........Mom will probably pass.

These stories brought to you by BLOGABLE MOMENTS