Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Marriage Story

Once Upon A Time..... Not too long ago, ( 9 years ago today to be exact), 2 high school sweethearts said "I Do" in a small Chapel on a lake. It was here that a new chapter in their lives began.
A year and 1/2 later, they were blessed with a son. A young prince to fill their lives with joy. Wife stayed home to tend to the little prince and their castle, while husband worked outside the castle. A few more years passed and this little family grew a little bigger as they welcomed their first princess. A prince and a princess, one of each - who could ask for anything more? well, how about one more little princess? yes indeed this castle is full -of love! Wife decided that both her and husband needed to be working outside the castle in order for things to run more smoothly. And so they learned to Juggle - juggle work schedules, family time and chores. (It turns out that husband is a better castle cleaner and clothes washer than wife.) Husband and wife feel very busy, and that there lives couldn't possibly be fuller.
with each passing day, they remember to say I love you, and often reminisce about times past - before there were a prince and princesses. - it seems so long ago - yet they feel today they are having the best times of their lives. And so on nights when they have time to themselves (try to find one of those!) they sit back and relax, plan a few future alterations to the castle, and reflect on their love of each other, their children and their future together. Their pockets are pretty empty, but their hearts are RICH. they know their story is one of happily ever after.

Happy Anniversary Husband............Love, Wife


***disclaimer**** I am not responsible for feelings of sickness after reading all this mush. Obviously their life is not always roses - but for purposes of a fairytale, other emotions have been left out.


DAD said...

These may be the best times of your far. The best is truely yet to come. Happy anniversary and keep up the good work.

corin said...

The country song "your gonna miss this" comes to mind. Happy #9.

Jane said...

Happy Anniversary, Allison. 20 years from now you'll look back and wonder how you and Gary did it and be very happy that you did!

Momma@Live. Laugh. Pull your hair out said...

Congrats to the happy couple!!!!!

Hubby and I celebrate our 9th in November....*gasp*

Jennifer W said...

awwww that was beautiful. Happy Anniversary.