Monday, August 24, 2009

Freddie update

This is Freddie when we first got him as a hatchling. I am not positive on a measurement, but I would say back then, in January, he was about 6 inches from nose to tail.

We were told when we bought him, that they learn to love their owners and become very social with them. Kyle would be able to take him out of his cage and interact, (and kyle was hoping - take him for a walk). But believe it or not, Kyle was a bit skittish after Freddie began to grow, and I think Freddie could sense that. Freddie did his own thing, entertaining us from inside his tank, and Kyle took care of his needs as a great lizard owner From the outside. Kyle figures, Freddie was pretty wiggly and we didn't need an escaped dragon on the loose in our house......that could spell disaster for sure. While visiting the pet store yesterday, we inquired to what looked to us like a bearded dragon expert (he claimed to own 3 of them) and he worked there, about the habits of our beardie. He explained to Kyle that when picking him up, he should do so making sure that his back legs are supported in his hand. This will make him feel safer and more relaxed when being handled.

As soon as we returned home, Freddie was being mauled Kyle tested out this new handling strategy........It worked! soon Freddie seemed very comfy with Kyle picking him up and soon kyle had him perched right on his shirt. I couldn't believe it!

So here is Freddie again Folks, He is about 8 months old now and I bet he has more than doubled in size. And doing very well!


CynthiaK said...

Wow, look at him! Firstly, brave boy. I don't think I could have that thing on my shirt or anywhere else on my person.

Second, kinda cool! I'll be interested in following how things go from here and what adventures they get into together!

Jennifer W said...

He is a little Jeff Corwin. Just don't get a snake, because I'll never be able to visit.

Momma@Live. Laugh. Pull your hair out said...

Ewwwwwwwwwwwww....I could not have one of those in my house! Youre a great Mommy!