Friday, February 6, 2009

My Name Is Not Isabella

Time for another review. -

This book was given to Vivian as a Christmas gift from Aunt Corin (huh? another review of a Corin gift?). Let me tell you - I think I have read this book to the kids about 14 times. I really enjoy it. They really enjoy it.

Isabella's Mother thinks she is waking her daughter Isabella up in the morning for school...only to learn she has awoke her little girl AND her big imagination. Isabella takes us on a journey through her day as she pretends to be various women, who throughout history, have made their mark with notable achievements such as inventors, Astronauts, doctors and activists.

Vivian enjoys this book because each time Isabella changes her name to a new historic woman, I try to change my voice to become the character. such as when Isabella becomes Annie Oakley, I channel the very best cowgirl imitation I can muster up! And then, a couple pages later, when Isabella says her name is Elizabeth (Blackwell), I tone it down a bit and speak as if I am extremely well-read, and talk as if I need to look over the top of some bifocal glasses (my interpretation of a woman Doctor from the 1800's I guess).

Truth be told, I enjoy reading the book just as much as Vivian enjoys Listening to it.

At the end, Isabella pays tribute to a Mommy - SO great that in that little girl's eyes, her mother ranks right up there with the greatest women in history. - What a great message!

In the back of the book, there are more details about each of the women Isabella pretends to be and their accomplishments. Sort of a mini history lesson.

The Author, Jennifer Fosberry, is an upstate New York Native, was a classmate of my sister's (our copy is now autographed), and also happens to be a third cousin to my Husband! - So not only is this book a great recommendation for young readers as an early inspiration to do great things as a woman, but it has a local success story attached to it as well.

I hope you all get a chance to read My Name Is Not Isabella. published by Monkey barrel press


Tracey said...

Wait. No samplings of your voices??

Jennifer W said...

Yeah, now that you mastered interesting text, how about sounds?