Friday, February 13, 2009

TGIF the 13th?

What a week -

It is never fair when someone gets Cancer. It is heart wrenching to hear stories of children, Moms, Dads, Grandparents, Siblings, spouses, who have been stricken with the horrible thing called Cancer. Gary's Gramp was diagnosed with Cancer this past week. This man has lived to be 95 years old, survived raising 8 children, stayed in pretty good health, still able to live by himself and get around - until last week , when a couple of falls prompted doctor's to perform an MRI. It just doesn't seem fair. It is comforting to know that when he was given the news, he reflected on his good life. his long life. also mentioning that he has lived without his wife for 17 years.

His wishes were to return to his own home, take the wonderful service of Hospice, and surround himself with his family. Please Keep Him in your thoughts.

Wednesday's fiasco:

ok - picture this. My sister and I decide to leave our offices for our lunch hour in my van. about 4 miles down the road, I notice that the little needle that usually hangs out in the middle of the gage labeled cold and Hot, starts creeping up higher and higher toward the H!! I start flipping out getting pretty nervous. so I pull over, turn the van off, start calling Gary from Corin's cell phone to get advice on what to answer! he is home with the kids, no car, where the hell could he be? after calling six more times with no answer, we decide to start her up again and see if it cooled down, and maybe we could get close enough to someplace that could help us. - OK so we drive a little further, and up goes that damn needle again! So I pull back over, THIS time, we hear glub...glub...glub...glub - Corin gets out, looks under the car, and there is Antifreeze just pouring out the bottom of the van near the back!!!! aaaahhhhh! - So Corin calls her husband at work, his advice is to Drive to the Jiffy Lube that is about 1/2 mile down the road (through 2 more traffic lights!)............we make it to the Jiffy Lube, I parked like a crazy woman - which must prompt someone to come to ME and see what is the matter. When we described the problem, he hits us with " we are not a full service garage. The only thing I could do for you is to put antifreeze in it for you or flush it". (big sighhhhhh)..... He sends us down the road to another my head starts reeling again - I decide to go just a little further to the dealership that has done the work on our van when it is covered under warranty.......PLEASE let this problem be under warranty.... This was also my only option for a way back to work - they provide a shuttle service- So we drop off car, make it back to work, at 4:00 we bum a ride from a co-worker who lives nearby our houses....... that was exhausting. Needless to say - corin made it public on her facebook page that she intends to Never ride to work in her sister's van again.

Warranty???? not this time. We need new whatchamacallits hoses that cool something or other, and it will cost $500. - oh yeah, by the way, the inspection sticker runs out at the end of the month, and it won't pass until we replace the front left tie rod thingy! and get new tires! SLAM!

So we told them to go ahead with the cooling lines, but we are hoping to find a cheaper mechanic for the other work.

OK TAXES! you better get your butt deposited in the checking account - LIKE TODAY!

Thursday :

Vivian's preschool was having a little Valentine party, so we filled out the traditional Valentine cards - one for each child in the class. The one made out to Jack, we added a little heart next to his name (supposed boyfriend). about 15 cards in all, and we put them in a little baggie, popped them in her book bag and they were ready for school.
I talked to Viv on the phone after school. She DID NOT pass out her cards! - I still don't understand the misunderstanding, but she came home with a whole bag of cards and candy from the other kids. Apparently Gary just sent her in the door, didn't let the teachers know that the cards were in the bag- therefore , they must have assumed she I forgot them !

Car is Fixed. Still at the garage. Taxes still have not been deposited to our account. Will once again BORROW the money so I can pick it up today. Bumming another ride at 5:00 from a co-worker who lives near the garage.
We only have 6 Months of payments left on the van. Then we can say we own the piece of CRAP!
if this was a product review on a 2003 KIA Sedona minivan...... I would recommend NOT to buy a KIA. this is like the 4th time in a year that we had to have major work done on this vehicle (there are only 63,000 miles on it).

I am so glad this week is over. Monday is a holiday - I can't wait!


Vanessa said...

Thanks Allison, that was nice of you to blog about Gramp V. It brought tears to my eyes. I stopped by your house to see the kids for a minute on Wednesday before I went to the hospital. Kyle was outside playing and came running when I pulled in the driveway. I thought I was getting a big hug when he stopped short and asked "Meme, how is Gramp V. doing?" That is one sweet boy for six years old. Love you guys.

Jane said...

I wish I could give you a hug! My heart goes out to Gary's grandfather, Gary, you and the entire family.

SweetPeaSurry said...

My thoughts are with you on Grampa.

I've always found that if one bad thing happens, at least two other things of an unfortunate nature have to follow. I don't know why that is.

Enjoy your three day weekend!!!

Momma said...

Thinking about your Grampa.

Poor you with the vehicle problem! I do the same my husband and ask what to do!

corin said...

I have to say that the most nerve wracking thing during the van incident was seeing you get flustered. You are like the mailman driving in Rain, Sleet, Snow...steady as a rock driving us over the mountain. Throw in a little over-hot-ness and you lost it.

As far as Gary's words can express the sadness of losing someone to cancer. There is one gift and that is to appreciate the ability to say goodbye and celebrate the possibility of being with that special person as they pass. I will pray very hard that the people who wish to be there with him will get that chance.

Cindy said...

The lessons we learn from our elderly parents and grandparents. The gentle warriors against this awful cancer. They make their most profound earthly decision with grace and dignity; and it becomes about all of us and them, and we are all one in the middle of it. God bless Earl. In what we think is his most fragile moment, there's a well of strength to come back home.