Monday, May 11, 2009

Let me show you Cute!

Thank you to everyone who voted for Miss Kerrigan........but........She didn't win the Baby contest from the radio station:-( ( sniff sniff )
I have no way of knowing how many votes she actually got, but I did get an e-mail that there was a tie and to cast my vote for the tie breaker. Ummmm I didn't really want to vote for someone else's baby - but I picked the one with the head of hair that looked like a wig.

I have submitted each of the kid's pictures at one time or another to some sort of baby photo contest....we have never won! I know it can't be that there are others that are cuter! - I have come to the conclusion that it is a little like Dancing with the stars - It isn't necessarily the less talented Dancer that gets kicked off each week. The one that stays just creates or brings with it a bigger fan base...... Ty Murray was proof of that last week. There must be a ton of cowboys out there watching DWTS this season.

Anyway....I don't need her to win a contest to know that Kerrigan is currently the cutest baby in the world - but the $500 savings bond would have been great.


corin said...

I am sure that it was the other babies had more computer literate family members. You would have to be pretty cute to beat out Kerrigan.

CynthiaK said...

Ah, those contests are always fixed. ;-)

I'm sure Kerrigan was the cutest of all.

Jennifer W said...

I scrolled through all those pictures, and she was the cutest of all.

Mark W said...

She was hands down the cutest. I voted for her, Sorry you didn't win.

Grandma said...

My Kerrigan obviously can win contests on many levels. I imagined huge families around the country trying to log in to vote on that crazy site that was really by email. Not the best run beauty contest. You are right, dwts is growing in popularity if the cowboys are tuning in for high brow, ballroom dancing. I just hope next week comes down to reality and gives Gille the win.