Monday, June 29, 2009

That's a new one!

Vivian and Kerrigan taking a tubby......I'm at the sink fixing my hair

here's the conversation:

Viv: Kerrigan's tushy is really chubby! (laughing)
me: Yeah but that's how baby's tushies are supposed to be
Viv: yeah, 'cause she's little.
Me: Mommy's tushy is the one that's not supposed to be so CHUBBY!
Viv: (listen to how she tries to make me feel better) But that's ok - mommys and daddys are supposed to be chubby too and have chubby legs......
Me: Aunt corin's legs are not chubby?
Viv: Well, I think maybe that's cause she takes showers so much!

There we have it - apparently I just need to concentrate on showering more in order to reduce my chubby butt and legs. - WHO KNEW???


~Thought's By Dena~ said...

soooo thats how we do it!!!! Whew thank you for sharing the secret!!!

DAD said...

Just scrub harder!

Jen said...

so thats the secret. I always wanted to know.