Thursday, January 8, 2009

The King - Happy Birthday

I know - I failed to mention this weird and random thing about myself in my other post. It would have fit there too. : " my name is Allison, I am 31 yrs old, and I am an Elvis Fan." - I admit it.

What you say? "Allison, you were 2 months old when this man died?"!

Guess what? - in our family, ELVIS LIVES! Elvis has been around my house forever.
One of our Christmas traditions is to listen to the Elvis Christmas Album while we decorate the tree.
My Aunt Carol(the biggest fan of the family), has visited Graceland, collects Elvis memorabilia, has a life sized cutout of him in her bedroom (snicker) and is pretty much known for her fanatical elvisness.
- I can remember his Records being played quite often as a child. whenever an anniversary special aired on TV, we would watch it. And my Father and I danced to Memories at my Wedding.
I would also have to say that In my adult years - the family (mom, dad, sister,aunt,& Gramma) has Kicked it up a notch! We are now Annual ELVIS FESTIVAL attendees.- This is a local event that attracts professional Elvis tribute artists from all over the country for a whole weekend filled with competitions and Concerts - It is the next best thing to the real deal. For my Grandmother's 81st Birthday, we threw her a surprise party, invited tons of people, and entertained them with one of our favorite local Elvis Tribute Artists! - It was extremely fun - even the youngest generation were tapping their feet! - (more fans in the making?)

Tonight was Our latest Elvis event. In honor of his Birthday - (Today Elvis would have been 74 years old) - we had an Elvis Movie Night!
Each of us made sure we wore our Blue Sued Shoes backstage passes,
and the Elvis BLING.

Elvis was invited - And he graciously accepted.
The guest of honor stood quietly in the living room as we watched one of the many television specials Airing in honor of his birthday and spoke of his unmatched beauty. Gramma had watched a few of his movies during the day and she believes "Girls Girls Girls" was one of his best - mainly because he is shown often in tight white shorts....
Then we chose to watch Viva Las Vegas.
We know that his movies were a lot of fluff, they are pretty "hokey", and you can't help but laugh. Although it was good he stopped making those movies, there were quite a few fantastic songs that came from them.
So after We poked a little fun, Aunt Carol Reminisced about how close she was to having tickets to see him in Syracuse in 1977, but that he died shortly before the appearance was scheduled. We Ended the evening with a little Elvis "eye candy" by watching our favorite concert THE '68 COMEBACK SPECIAL!
Nobody wears black leather quite like him!

We had a great time, and decided we would make it an annual Birthday party. Elvis threw out the Idea of a group shot to commemorate the first official Elvis Movie Night at the farm, so we couldn't disappoint.

side note: we are not the only crazy Elvis fans in the world. - For the second year in a row, Presley topped the Forbes magazine's list of Top-Earning Dead Celebrities, hauling in $52 million last year.


corin said...

Sorry I missed it! Very funny post. I am sure no one else was celebrating it like you guys. Love all the pictures.

Tracey said...

He was incredibly hot. HOTHOTHOTHOT.

I think he would have been a good actor, had he been given movies with actual storylines.

Jennifer W said...

Great post, very entertaining!

Sarah said...

5 years ago My husband and I went to Vegas for our 5 year anniversary. We renewed our vows at the Little White Chapel by Elvis. He picked us up at our hotel in a Lucille Ball's pink cadillac, married us then drive us to dinner.

Michelle said...

Oh I adore the last family photo including Elvis! Classic.

Momma said...

We spent the entire Xmas season listening to his Xmas CD! He is loved in this house!