Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I've seen the signs

The signs of a great Daycare provider that is....

You know you have a great one when...
~~ The baby puts her arms out to go to the babysitter when you drop her off.

~~ Your 4 year old gets in the car and reports that she had a GREAT day!

~~ The babysitter tells you how much she enjoys listening to the baby sing to the dollies when she plays by herself.

~~ If The kids get sick, and I stay home from work with them, the sitter tells me I don't have to pay for that day (even when I am supposed to)

~~ Funny sayings start popping out of the girls that you know have to come from daycare like "Eat the crust of your toast - it will make your hair curly". or "That's not MECESSARY (necessary)" when the baby cries.

~~ The baby loves to dance to a snowman Decoration that the babysitter has out for Christmas, so she sends it home with her.

~~ The oldest daughter admits to you that she hit a little boy at daycare, and when you ask how the sitter reacted and her answer is "she said the boy deserved it"

~~ When It snows on your way home from work and you are running a little walk in the door to pick up the kids, only to find them all bundled up and ready to go..but asleep on the couch in the baby sitter's arms.

I was once a Daycare Provider out of my own home (before I realized we couldn't survive on that money) So I understand how demanding, exhausting, draining and underpaid this woman's job really is. Those of us who work outside the home have got it made in the shade. Stay at home Mom's (or Dads), and daycare providers, definitely have the hardest jobs I can think of. When you find one that enjoys it and doesn't do it because they think they can make a lot of money at it, it is a great blessing. My provider is an older woman, her child is all grown up, this is the only work she has ever done. She has been doing it for over 30 years. The peace of mind you get when you know you are leaving your children in such caring hands is priceless.


Vanessa said...

Great blog Allison. I totally agree with you 100%. When I picked Vivian up at school yesterday she jumped in my car and said "Now back to Sharon's" with a big smile on her face. She knows the routine and loves it. What a "peace" of mind for all of us.

Tracey said...

Definitely! She is a part of the family instead of an employee.

Momma said...

Love this post! I worked after my first born and although I hated every second of it, my mind was at ease knowing he was with the best babysitter EVER!!!

Jennifer W said...

Well, you know I've seen the good signs twice, and bad signs once.

Remember when Lindsey wouldn't want to leave with me??? I always squished down the jealously, because I knew she was loved and cared for at your house. It was the next best thing to Momma and Daddy.