Thursday, April 30, 2009

Some Potpourri

A Mix of Everything From the Week
April Has come to an end? I can't believe how the time is flying. Since my last post (akhem...a week ago...sorry) I have been walking on lunch breaks, which cuts into my blogging. I am trying to jump start the weight loss AGAIN. So far it's not helping, and I just keep wishing I was at my desk blogging. My Solution: Wake up at the @$$ crack of dawn and walk the hill on my street instead of walking on lunch break. This will also cut down on the pit stains at work on hot days too.

Vivian's scrape has totally healed. No scar! still as beautiful as ever! She is just totally sick of everyone making a big deal about it. The nice weather mixed with being home to play all day with dad has made her very happy

Mr. Kyle needs another Vacation. Coming off spring break and heading back to school was not easy. He has turned into a whiny broken record. He asks....I say no.....he asks the same thing 50 more times hoping my answer will change....I get furious........(you know the drill). needless to say, Kyle is grounded for not listening, whining, being a mean brother, whining, not doing his homework without a 2 hour ordeal about wanting to do it in the morning, and whining! The only thing that saved me from having to drag him onto the school bus this week, was the anticipation of classroom science experiments. Did you know that baking soda + vinegar in a soda bottle with a balloon on top will blow up the balloon? Did you know that corn starch + water make a goopy goopy messy weird feeling thing called ooblick? These things are so exciting to a budding scientist.

Kerrigan has been a little clingy---Gary says she just misses her Mommy. I am constantly thinking she must be getting sick, but so far no signs........and with this recent scare of a SWINE flu, I am even more paranoid! If any such flu cases hit any more close to home, I think we will all be taking a vacation and quarantining ourselves to the house.
Last night I dove back into some yard work. I always feel so good after doing yard work. Our yard needs and requires a lot of work, but it is definitely work I enjoy. There is nothing like getting out there and getting dirty. And the Payoff is nice to look at. The worst part about yard work is raking all of the leaves. We started out full steam ahead as soon as the snow melted, but the worst part of the yard got the best of us and we cooled our heels a bit on it. Yesterday, I was finally ready to conquer the rest of the leaves - besides, they were starting to blow all over what we had already done! Brother-in-law Dan lent me his big ride-on tractor with a yard sweeper.......aahhhh - no rake needed! It took a lot of passes over those stubborn leaves, but Vivian and I ( there is always at least one kid who can't resist a ride on the mower right?) we made big progress. I think we just have a little clean up left. - aahh now we can concentrate on pruning and planting. - I always have enough help with that too.
Although this Potpourri doesn't smell real nice, hopefully I'm caught up. Next week I will be more diligent


~Thought's By Dena~ said...

well you have been a busy girl!!! Glad the face healed all up..yes you are right she is still beautiful!!! and my son got a book with all kinds of experiments in it and that was one of them we tried too!!! ANd I really hope your little Kerrigan is clingy just cuz she misses you and isnt getting sick thats never fun!!!! Anyway now that your done with your yard work wanna come do mine??????

Jennifer W said...

I'm with you on hiding from swine flu. Mark has been doing most of the yard work, and our yard looks great. I think it is a break from daddy daycare for him. Glad you posted!

Momma@Live. Laugh. Pull your hair out said...

Glad her beautiful face is free of any scars!!!!!!!