Monday, April 6, 2009

200 TO GO

Today on the count down to our Disney Vacation marks 200 Days To Go! Yikes! - it's starting to feel Real. The excitement is mounting!

It is Kind of hard to relay how long 200 days is to 3 kids under the age of 7. Kyle of course, being the oldest, has a better concept of time than the other two. We tell Kyle that he just has the summer, then school will start, and about a month and 1/2 after that, we will be off to Florida. He gets a little hmmmf about that, because I'm sure that seems like forever away to him still.
I can remember when I was his age and the end of the school year was so fabulous because it felt like summer lasted forever. and the start of the next "school year" seemed so far off, I didn't have a care in the world. that all seemed to end when I started working at 14 yrs old - then the time started whizzing by.

But anyway, I have no idea what Vivian's perspective on 200 days is right now. I think she thinks it's closer than it really is..... She finds pennies on the floor and runs to my bedroom to add to the "Florida Fund" Jar. She is cute........ start finding a lot more pennies Viv!

Forget Kerrigan....What does time really mean to a 21 month old? She can't even wait 2 minutes for lunch, much less 200 days for a vacation. I just hope that by October, a then 2 1/2 year old will be a good traveler!

Things to do in 200 Days:

1. must loose 6 pounds per month. (not an unreachable goal I don't think?)
2. potty train Kerrigan ( so much less to lug around at Disney)
3. save spending money ( once the car is paid off this will be easier)
4. buy travelling clothes for Gary and I ( the kids wardrobe seems to be the healthiest)
5. Find Volunteers to take care of Sandler/freddie/oscar - shouldn't be too hard (right Reagan?)
6. stock up on the Valium for Gary on the plane!

Ok - the list isn't too long!

When we reached the 250 day mark, We all gathered at Gary's parent's house for Dinner to celebrate. We all wore our Disney Character shirts we got from his mom for Christmas to get in the spirit. Tonight we are having a cook out to mark the 200 day count down. Along with our character shirts.
lets see........May 26th marks 150 days........July 16th marks 100 days....September 4th marks just 50 days........and then we leave October 24th! ........ see, the breakdown makes it really seem close! We can't wait!!


Momma@Live. Laugh. Pull your hair out said...

I am so jealous! We tried to plan something for the end of April but it would have cost us over $6000 Canadian. Just too much money.

A friend of my parents planned a trip and did not tell their kids until they were heading to the airport! They knew that leading up to it the kids would be hyper...excited and would not sleep! hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Nice blog, I like to see the kids getting all excited, that's part of the fun for us all. I am really getting anxious too. Tonight I have mickey lollipops for dessert. Don't forget your TINK T-shirt. See you later!

Meme said...

Duh---I went to sign my name and I hit some wrong key and anonymous popped in place, Well anyways I think you know it was from Meme

Jen said...

Oh how fun! I am so happy for you guys. It is going to be fun!!!!

corin said...

Right reagan? I think I would rather watch kerrigan for the week than be responsible for Freddie. geez, the pressure. All you have to do is let kerrigan write on the tablecloth and she'll be fine.

Cheryl said...

Sounds like fun...I would love to take my kids to Disney World...but we're possibly going to Cancun in January, so the funds for another trip just aren't there....maybe in a couple years :o)