Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Thinking of Your Birthday

Wishing Grampa Hoddie A Happy Birthday!

April 8 1923 ~ March 8 2005

Hope Heaven has cooked you a big pot of Bean and Potato Soup and some Stawberry Shortcake For Dessert.

Love you!


corin said...

soup and shortcake are in never ending supply in heaven...if they are your favorites. I felt grampa very strongly when I walked into the farm tonight. like I had almost fooled myself that he would be sitting in the kitchen waiting to pour me a cup of coffee. or drive vivian to mcdonalds...

Anonymous said...

You might not have heard Kyle tell me he wanted to "sit in this chair" the one grampa sat in. I can only wonder how much "communication" there is with the kids who are wide open as they say. One time, Dad was on the tractor all day in the big field and when he came in I asked what he had been doing. He said Oh, I was out in the field talking to Dad. Now I know exactly how he felt. We almost didn't do the soup, but when I came into the farm, I could see my mother didn't feel very well. I told her we had thought about doing the soup and she snapped right out of the chair to see if she had beans. I'm glad we pulled it together so quickly.
It's amazing to hear how each of us during the past few days have : heard the songs, had the dreams, heard the phrases. Thanks Dad, we hear you.