Thursday, April 9, 2009

Note to self ;)

Remember The Saturday Night Live skit from the 90's where Norm Macdonald would take a small tape recorder from his front pocket and say "note to self"..blah blah blah!

(those were the great SNL days)

Well, these are my Notes to Self today:

Note to self ~ The next time hubby thinks it would safe to leave a bowl of spaghetti - o's on the counter (no matter how far he says he pushed it back) even just for 10 Minutes.... Remind him of the rage he was feeling upon his return from preschool pick-up to find that Sandler had somehow reached the bowl at the back of the counter, did who knows what kind of acrobatics that would cause the spaghetti - o's to end up splattered all over the kitchen including the opposite wall and mirror, and proceeded to eat the rest of it on the living room rug.

Note to self ~ remember to thank hubby for cleaning up that mess.

Note to self ~ Install hidden camera in the kitchen to catch the dog steeling the food off the counter. It could win us $10,000 on AFV.

Note to self~ Whenever we are ready to strangle the dog over all the trouble and stress he causes, throw in the movie Marley & Me to put it all in perspective!


CynthiaK said...

Great notes. Man, that spaghetti-o incident is not good! I would have also been crazy frustrated.

I, too, miss those great SNL days. Long gone.

Note to self: start watching old episodes of SNL...

Momma@Live. Laugh. Pull your hair out said... your dog related to my dog????

No matter how many Notes I make to myself to prevent chaos, Studley always finds a way to get in trouble!

CynthiaK said...

Note to yourself (meaning you, Allison, because I don't have an email for you!) - don't feel guilty about googling the answers to my music trivia contest. Everyone will have to google some of them! I think everyone deserves a shot at a mixed cd! ;)

Jen said...

Marley and Me is such a good movie. I loved it!!! And I so want a dog.