Friday, March 20, 2009

To My Boy Turning 7.....

Your Birthday is tomorrow....You are turning 7. I can't believe how the years fly by. 7 is half of 14....ooooooh, I'm not going to think about THAT!....I think I will just reflect on the year at hand. So much can happen in one year. Oh how a boy can Grow.

tomorrow, we will perform our annual height measuring tradition on the door casing. I will know the exact # of inches you have grown this year. I can already guess by the rising hem of your pants that it will be a good 2 inches, at least.

lets take a walk down memory lane:
You had a summer full of independence. we felt pretty comfortable that while the girls were at daycare, and Daddy needed to catch up on sleep from coming off the night shift, you would be able to get along with a little less supervision. You had complete control of your bedroom, the living room remote, and the refrigerator. you got really good at pouring your own drinks, making your own tuna sandwiches, and memorizing the channels with all the great cartoons. Dad was on hand if you needed him, but for the most part, you were a big boy for a few hours a day.

You discovered and enthusiastically embraced the world of beekeeping. A hobby passed down from grampa Hoddie to grampa mark, and now onto you. I am so happy that you learned how interesting and necessary the "art" of bee keeping is...Grampa Hoddie is smiling from above.

You bravely entered the first grade, leaving all the little hang-ups of Kindergarten behind. Quickly becoming an A student - You were able to flourish, to shine, to be yourself and leave your mark. I'm sure you are known as the handsome boy with all the animal knowledge and the love of Show and Tell!

You discovered that the ride to school every day doesn't have to be driven by mommy. But you also had to learn that the school bus can be a jungle and the best way to stay safe is to say no to the kids destined for prison beasts that are out to corrupt you.

You continued to enrich your knowledge of animals and nature by becoming an avid surfer.....of the Internet that is. Which in turn gave you lessons in the difference between appropriate and inappropriate Internet content. Luckily you mostly learned that if you need information, it is only a click away....mommy had to pull out a bunch of encyclopedias!

We squeaked through another Christmas filled with the magic of Santa. You asked once, with the look of doubt, "does he really exist?" I put it in your hands to decide. without too much discussion, you chose to still believe. I don't know how much longer you'll play along.

You tried your hand (and feet) at Karate, and found yet another activity you excel in. I thoroughly enjoyed watching you try so hard and succeed in a sport that requires such self control and coordination. You looked like a natural, and I hope you choose to continue in it. It was also another chance for you to see how talented you are.

Unfortunately this year you also had to endure lessons in loss. First the loss of Camo the Chameleon, then Lila the turtle, and then the loss of Grampa Earl. I thought you handled yourself very well, and with great spiritual perspectives. I was proud to see that my Son knows how to wear his heart on his sleeve, and isn't afraid to show compassion. When you were told that grampa Earl had cancer, It was sad but cute to hear that you offered our last jar of honey to be given to him because you had read on the Internet that honey prevents cancer. It's moments like that, that I see into the future to the man I hope you will become, and I smile.

I know, I know, this sounds like you had a perfect year. - were you ever naughty? - Did you ever get sent to your room? - Were you ever mean to your little sisters??- of course you were, but that is the beauty of what a mom remembers..... oh we remember it all,.... but we like to reflect on the times that matter most.

With each passing birthday, I feel like I should be becoming this "seasoned Mother". But you were my first! and with each passing Birthday, I just realize how much we as parents continue to grow right along with you. I savor the years gone by, and Look forward to our new adventures....and hope to god you stay so sweet. Love ya Kyle - Happy birthday!



Momma@Live. Laugh. Pull your hair out said...

Soooo sweet. Now print it and save it for him to read whenever he needs a lift.

What a great Mommy you are!

DAD said...

Has Kyle promised to stay little for you like you promised me? You did your best and that's enough. You are truly a terrific Mom because we wittnessed the same past year of Kyle's as you did. He does so many amazing things for someone so young and it stems from the help and encouragment you both give him. We are so lucky as grandparents to have our family so close by at all times. I don't know how the ones with grand chidren 1000's of miles away cope! I love you,DAD

~Thought's By Dena~ said...

awww Happy Birthday to your little big man!!!!

Jennifer W said...

Now there is something you should print and scrapbook!

Jen said...

7!?! Say it aint so. Time can't go by that fast. What a sweet post to your son. I hope that someday he will read it.

CynthiaK said...

What a wonderful reflection on the past year. It's such an amazing age, isn't it? My oldest will be turning 7 in a few more months and I'm sure I will have that same Mommy Perspective on what she's done with herself in the past year.

A really great post - no wonder he's such a great kid!

Oh, and thanks again for that award last week. I've just posted about it tonight!