Monday, March 9, 2009

Potty Talk....Interested?

Last week I told you that Kerrigan had gone pee on the potty. Well, I can update you on her progress...She has actually peed directly on the toilet about 6 times now, along with one poop claim coming from my 10 yr old niece who monitored one bathroom trip.
You know, they say one of the signs for potty training readiness is when the child shows an interest. OH BOY is she interested. Not consistently, but that will come with practice. Kerrigan is only 20 months old, but she takes after her older sister who showed her interest at 18 months. And with all of the kids using the toilet in the house, She wants to be a big girl too! - thank goodness.....I can't wait to be done with messy diapers. I have been dealing with them for 7 straight years!

Lets see....It usually goes a little like this;

Kerrigan: standing w/ blank look on face, feels herself pee in her diaper, looks at me very surprised "POTTY!!!!"

Me: "OK get going!" as we run down the hall to the bathroom

She gets the stool ready, I pull her pants down, WET diaper off, and help her straddle and balance on the toilet.

Kerrigan: whispering and trying to push something out "Mommy sit." pointing to the side of the tub. I guess that is my post.

Me: "come on out pee pees"

Kerrigan: "eeerrrghhhu... pee....nope" shrugs her shoulders, gets off the toilet.

Me: "nice try, maybe next time"

Kerrigan: "VIPE! VIPE!" crumpling up the paper and wiping about 5 times. then flush.

You would think that the next step would be to put on a new diaper, pull up pants, and wait.....ahh haa...I have gotten wise to this routine. It goes something like this:

once we leave the bathroom, we might get half way back down the hall before she starts dancing and saying potty again. So back in we go, this time I have left her with just her shirt on, so we hop up on the toilet.....a couple more grunts, "nope no pee...nope", get down, Vipe Vipe again and flush. This time we get back to the livingroom, sit down, get comfortable for maybe 2 minutes......."POTTY. come mommy!" and we do it again 2 more times. FINALLY, about the 5th time we try to go, out comes a little pee!!!! YAY! POTTY DANCE! Hi Five! Big Smiles..
Sometimes we can put the diaper and pants back on at this point, sometimes little bull just wants to be naked for a while. depends on where we are at the time.

So this has been my weekend routine. I'm glad she is so interested, and I know it will get easier once she is more familiar with the urging signs. With Vivian, she was interested real young, it took a lot of time to dwindle down the accidents, but she was fully trained without accidents by 2 1/2. I guess this is just how my girls do it! Vivian is a big help too. She is a good cheerleader.


~Thought's By Dena~ said...

too cute...I could actually see the whole thing playing out as I was reading this....potty training...oh its so much fun....NOT...but it sure is nice when we dont have those diapers to contend with anymore....sounds like you are well on your way to being able to soon be able to say bye bye to those things....just a few more potty dances left to go..hehehe

Momma@Live. Laugh. Pull your hair out said...

Thats awesome! My (now) 5 year old showed no interest and wasnt completely potty trained until he was 4!!!

Jen said...

I am so glad that I read this. Claire has been showing signs that she is ready for the potty and she is almost 21 months. I have been ignoring them b/c I thought this really couldn't be but now I might try and put her on the potty.
I too am SOOOO ready to be done with diapers.

Cheryl said...

WOW! I'm envious...LOL! I wish my kids had shown interest in potty training at 18 or 20 months! Neither of my kids were interested till they were like 3...and didn't get fully trained till they were almost 4!! But we're done with diapers now and that's what matters...LOL :o) Good sounds like she's on the fast track! :o)