Wednesday, March 18, 2009

You've Got A Friend In Me

I Consider my dad (one of the greatest men in the world) to be what I call a SEMI-BLOGGER. meaning he doesn't have his own actual blog, but he is a faithful follower and commenter. (i love the commenters) He checks my blog daily, as well as my sister's ( A Walk In The Park - to which he is often a main character as she reports about their journey to becoming 46ers) I also believe Dad can be found as a "lurker" to many of the blogs that I follow as well. My point is, he is familiar with the blogging world and is a supporter from behind the scenes (as are many of my other lurkers). It was at Mom and Dad's house that I checked the blog and found out that a fellow blogger had awarded me with a friend badge! (I will get to that in a moment). This lead us to a discussion about blogger friends. We talked about how I check in with my blogger friends each day, leave comments that may include words of encouragement if needed, or maybe just an acknowledgement of a job well done. I, myself, often spill my guts in a post that may open a window into my own hopes, dreams, fears, aspirations or quite often a chance to talk about the kids, the family and all sorts of parenting issues. I have taken the time to find other blogger friends with the same interests, the same passions, and the same chaotic home life.

OK? - isn't this what we do in non-computer life when we look for a friend to "hang out with" (like I have time for that anymore) to schedule "play dates" with? to go for a drink (or 5) with? Yup - and This brought my dad to his point. Chances are, I am NEVER going to MEET THESE PEOPLE!!!. HE thinks this is very SAD.

I don't really consider it sad - I might even find it comforting that we may never meet face to face. When I "talk" to these blogger friends, I can do so in my PJ's - with my hair unbrushed. I can log on if I feel like it - or not. I can spend the time editing what I want to say so it comes out just the way I want it to. (I wouldn't be able to do that face to face). And I can actually finish a sentence on the computer without the children interrupting. if they do interrupt, I can resume the thought 3 hours later if I need to. I can't tell you how many times I have been frustrated when company comes over, we start to talk, and all of the sudden I am needed in three different directions. The conversation gets completely lost.

I realize that blogger friends don't replace the tangible friends I have in life - but that is another beauty of blogging. I rarely have time to call up my childhood friends and "catch up". If I did, I'm sure as soon as the phone touched my ear, I would be needed in three different directions. A lot of my closest friends as well as family are blog followers! I have given them the link to the blog and they can check in on our lives when it is convenient for them. I know they enjoy it, and let's face it - I wouldn't be calling up Samantha (who needs to start her own blog so I can keep up with her life) at mid-night (when I would have peace). So I think this is a very convenient alternative. I wish all of my friends had blogs! Aside from the Friendly part of blogging, I believe it is great THERAPY!!!!! and I highly recommend it!

now for the friendship badge I received:

Cheryl Gave me this new award. We are rather new blogging friends and she gave it to me because she likes our common love for Dancing With The Stars.
Thank you Cheryl!

here are the rules:"These blogs are exceedingly charming. The kind of bloggers that aim to be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of the prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly written text into the body of their award".

I will now pass this award on to:

Corin: She is my Sister, but "Sisters share the gifts of friendship and family, kindness and caring, laughter and love. Sisters share the things that matter most in life."
so she gets this award because I don't know what I would do without her.

Jennifer: over at oily ducks oily dog. She gets this award because I admire her courage and value her friendship. her sense of humor and insight are always uplifting to my day.

Reagan: Reagan not as in Ronald is my only favorite niece. I am so proud of her for starting her own blog. I always look forward to a peek into a 9 year old with such "spark" 's outlook on life. Keep up the good work!

Momma: Live laugh pull your hair out. I was first drawn to her blog by the title. sometimes that is exactly how I feel. I really enjoy hearing about her children and all that they do. She has quite the adorable family and we share a love for photographing their every move!

Tracey: Just another Mommy Blog was the very first blog I started following who was a complete stranger. I often find myself laughing out loud at her take on life. She has a great sense of humor and knows how to project it into her writing perfectly. I look forward to reading her blog daily. (she already got this award from cheryl as well, so it's ok if she doesn't take mine - but it is here)

Crumbs: in the minivan. I give her this award because I find her stories about her children entertaining and she always gives a challenge to her readers. She titles her posts from song titles and gives you a chance to guess who sang it. I find that fun.

Buried with children: I think I like this blog for the reality check. Just when I think my life is chaotic, I can check out her blog and see that my life is pretty mellow compared to one with a set of triplets plus a big brother. - that girl must appreciate the "blog therapy".

In the Trenches: This blogger taught me how to put that fancy line through through words to add a little sarcasm. She also has 3 children and is a working mom. I feel like I identify with her quite often and she has a great sense of humor as well.

So there are my blogger award recipients. Thanks everyone for keeping me sane! Some of you I am related to, some I have met and are already friends with, and some of you I will never lay eyes on other than a picture. - but in the blogging world of friends, we are all on the same page! (ha ha ha)


Trenches of Mommyhood said...

Thank you for the linky love! Can't wait to go read all the fellow recipients' blogs now!

CynthiaK said...

Well, thanks so much! I'm flattered. I guess I have to keep the song title challenge going now since so many people enjoy it!

I have also been enjoying your blog and always appreciate your comments. Oh, you'll have to share the secret for the 'line through the words for sarcasm' secret - I haven't discovered that yet but have been needing to use it on so many occasions!!

Also, I agree - Steve-O should have went. Poor Belinda. She should have at least had a few more weeks.

Momma@Live. Laugh. Pull your hair out said...

I swear I left a comment on here. Honest.......

Did you get it? If not I will rewrite it.

Thank you for your kind words. I am so happy to have a bloggy friend like you. And...we dont live that far from eachother so maybe one day we can meet up with the lil' rascals!

Now how do I post the "award" on my blog?????

Allison said...

momma - I right click on the picture, save it to my computer, then I go into the add a gadget part of my customize, and add it as a picture to the side bar. that is have that beautiful new template designed especially for you - it may be different for you....hope that helped!

Jen said...

Wow what a beautiful post. You really touched me with this. I feel that same way about blogging and my bloggy friends! It is so awesome to connect with other women this way.
Thank you for passing this award onto me, I feel honored to be considered one of your bloggy friends. :)

corin said...

Thanks for the award. Would you know what to do with me if I told you I lost your lens cap again..somewhere around marcy dam? I can't believe it myself. and I tried really hard not to lose it too.

Jennifer W said...

Thank you for the award. I am a errant blogger right now and have gone way too long between posts. My bed time is far too early now!

Samantha said...

silly me- I tried to "catch up" with you over the phone the other day. I had to call your mom for your new number. (i dialed your mom's # without even flinching, just like the old days) I know it's close to impossible, but just wanted to hear your laugh--can't get that through your blog. love ya!!

Allison said...

Samantha - I can make time to catch up on the phone, and I would love to. And we can laugh ourselves silly.....I will call soon I promis.

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