Thursday, March 26, 2009

wait a will come to me....

warning: - just a silly post

Have you ever had that "just on the tip of my tongue" feeling? Do you think it's annoying?

I happen think these situations are kinda fun. I don't know why. During those moments of agony when you are trying to think of a name, a movie, a song title.....I go pretty nuts. Why? because I just HAVE TO think of the answer before I can rest.

Whether I am trying to tell a story and get stuck because of a name of someone that's related to someone, that's a friend of a friend.....yada yada, or if someone else is telling me a story and it conjures up a memory of some movie that I can't think of the title to........I will not rest until I have come up with that name/title/song etc.

Just the other day, I was riding home from work with my sister, and she went through this exact scenario. I said a person's name, Corin said - "oh I think I know her. I think she was friends with (so and so) her kids were in her wedding....husband's name was blah blah blah..... oh man why can't I think of her name?" ---------meanwhile, all of that had nothing to to with what I was trying to talk about.........and come to find out, as I continued on with my story, Corin was too preoccupied with remembering the woman's name to even listen to me.

Truth is, this is exactly how I get! I start playing the word association game in my head to try and pinpoint the words I am searching for. I do this with movies and actors quite often. I am pretty good at remembering lines from movies, or when I hear a song on the radio that brings me back to a great movie moment....."Take my breath away" that song immediately makes me think of the movie Top Gun. (back when I thought Tom was the yummiest and not the freakiest) that would then lead me to try to remember the actress in the movie......and so on. Its almost like I am trying to stump myself.

I may not get my answer could be hours later, after I'm not even thinking about it anymore......
My favorite part of this weirdness is the moment that it "POPS" into my head. The answer will literally just fall off my tongue, almost like I had no control of it. Almost like my brain went through all the files in my head searching for the answer, finally found it, and just throws it at me to relieve the pressure! lol .....That is the best feeling. "aaahhh, phew, man that was a tough one".

I think this is why I enjoy Crumbs in the Minivan's daily song title - she challenges you to think of the singer. a lot of them I have no idea, and that doesn't drive me nuts. But if I know I know it, I won't rest until I think of it.

That aha moment! it makes me giggle!


~Thought's By Dena~ said...

IM so with you on drives me absolutely crazy when I cant remember something that I know I know....the weird part always seems that as soon as I stop letting it take over me thats when the answer is right there!!!!

Jennifer W said...

I can't say I enjoy the struggle, but I love the "aha" moment...

CynthiaK said...

I hear you! I always have this issue. In fact, I think I'm losing brain cells because this "tip of my tongue" stuff happens with more and more regularity these days!! I plead Mommy Brain.

Thanks for the plug! It's actually getting more and more challenging coming up with song titles! Most are so obvious but I like to make it a little more challenging most days. Fun!

Hope you enjoyed Earth Hour this past weekend!

jen said...

i do the ABCs until i can think of it.
weird, i know.