Thursday, December 18, 2008


It isn't even Christmas yet and I am already sick of the snow. We have had 2 snow falls so far this year, but we are looking at another one tomorrow, one on Sunday, and another one next Wednesday.....Ughhh... I am one of those people that wishes it would snow on Christmas eve, AND THAT'S IT. I would be good with that for a whole nother year! I am looking Forward to a January thaw - and an early Spring.
OK - I'm done whining.


Momma said...

I feel your pain! I am in Canada...snow yesterday...snowstorm tomorrow and again on Sunday. Ugh.

corin said...

tsk tsk..posting from work! have been tagged for that crazy game of 7 weird things about you. Go to my blog and check out the latest post to find your directions.

corin said...

You can find 7 other weird things about yourself. I left you the psychic stuff.