Monday, December 15, 2008

Cookie Artists

I am not much of a Christmas cookie baker. I don't know what it is about it that makes me lack the motivation to want to tackle a few Dozen every now and then. Thank goodness the kids have a Meme that plans a Christmas cookie night every year so the kids can really get down and messy. They enjoy the cookie experience lots and lots. I found that I enjoy spectating and photographing it.

This year, the girls' ensemble was complete with new hand made Christmas aprons.
The cookies were under way in no time. flour was flying, rolling pins a rollin', cookie cutters cuttin', ovens buzzin', and colorful icing and candy were perfecting.
These were not just kids baking cookies - this was cookie art. and the masterpieces were down right delicious!

I look forward to learning from these cookie genius' again....same time next year.

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corin said...

Where does Vanessa get the time for all of this? I can see they had a wonderful time. This is kinda disturbing..I live within eyesight of you and have to look at your blog to see my nieces and nephew...although it is relaxing to see them in pictures that I did not have to take :) Great cookies Guys!!