Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Version of a Christmas poem:

The Stockings were flung behind the living room chair, And you could definitely tell that saint nick had been there. early they rose to see what they had gotten, then off to see family they dashed without stoppin. on kyle, on vivie, on kerrigan and gary. on car seats,on buckles on allison... be merry! Gary looked at me and said what is the matter? - why, we are off schedule, we're late! now get on with the clatter! There was laughter and love, all day long there was joy. You could see it in there eyes after opening each toy. When darkness fell on this family of five, we loaded up the presents and prepared the last drive. Back over the river and through the woods, the kids were so tuckered they fell asleep in their hoods. we stuffed kids into beds and gifts into piles. we discovered a mess that went on for miles. too tired to clean it, we longed for a rest. so we left it for tomorrow, we thought that would be best.

The End!

That was Christmas in a nutshell.

A very nice holiday - glad it's over though. The kids are having a ball enjoying their new toys. here are a few of my favorite Christmas moments in pictures.


corin said...

your xmas poem is very grandpa hoddie-ish. the pictures came out great. I am going to your site to steal a few right now.

SweetPeaSurry said...

Sounds like a fabulous christmas!!!

I'm pretty sure one of my nieces got a baby stroller just like the one in your picture. In addtion, I'm pretty sure it's my nephew that actually pushes the babies around in it.

Happy New Year!!!

Anonymous said...

I thought the pictures of the kids would surely melt my heart, but lo and behold came the pearls. !!!
love, Mom

Tracey said...

GREAT poem. Sounds like a fun Christmas.

I do believe I have the same entertainment center...

reagan said...

kyle is so grown up in that picture!