Thursday, November 20, 2008

Raising a "nice" boy?

I grew up in a family with a Mom and dad, and one sister. I didn't know what it is like to grow up with an annoying, pestering BROTHER.
There are many times I sit and think about what a cute little family we have - one boy, two girls. Vivian(3) is so happy-go-lucky...Can play alone or with others,always eager to help with chores, a real girlie girl. Kyle (6) is such an interesting boy - loves science, could spout off any number of amazing animal facts, loves to cuddle, very high energy.
Kerrigan (17 mo.) is the stubborn one ( if you offer her cookies, you better let her reach in the bag to get her own) but even that is cute as a button at this age. She thinks she is just as big as the rest, and very rarely is she not carrying around her baby doll.
Sound like perfect kids right? right.....oooooo..., except for when they are awake - and all in the same room - and expected to get ready for whatever we are doing for the day, or riding in the car, or eating at the table, or brushing their teeth, or getting ready for bed or..... ( I am exaggerating a bit, but not too much.) Sometimes,- and I hate to pick on Kyle, (especially since he reminds me every day how hard it is to be a big brother), but, everything goes pretty smooth until Kyle enters. He knows the girl's buttons and he knows how to push them!
After refereeing a few rounds and counting down a few time outs, I can't help but wonder -how kyle will develop as a man? ( don't look at me like I am worrying about this way too early!) Will he be this obnoxious with girls forever? will the experience of living with two sisters be more of a foundation for a sensitive husband ? I don't know how it will all pan out, but I do try to instill all of the qualities that I think will make him into a nice young man.
With all of that said - I would like to tell you Kyle's story about school today:
Kyle: mom I had library today and Alivia cried.
Mom: awww what was she crying about?
Kyle: The teacher read us a book called " Olivia the Pig" and everyone in the
class laughed at her.
Mom: uh oh, that wasn't very nice was it?
Kyle: nope! mom, I didn't laugh at her, I felt bad. But guess what? - I found a piece of jewelry on the floor next to the book shelf and gave it to her to cheer her up.
Mom: That was nice of you - did she stop crying?
Kyle: yup, and she even smiled:)



corin said...

I've even known him to act like that with his sisters too...he is a good boy! I hope there is a way to print blog posts of and save them. this will be the best sort of "baby book" for you. No worries about finding material to write about for you.

Tracey said...

Sweet. Have you asked him if he'd like more responsibilites with his sisters since he's such a "big kid?" My eldest is 9 and is loving the fact that I now say "When I'm out of the room, and Justin says something is dangerous or naughty, you guys are supposed to LISTEN to HIM. He's older and knows these things."

He LOVES it.