Sunday, November 23, 2008

Peas & Carrots

Our house had a special visitor today. Kyle's Favorite friend in the whole world came over for a play date this afternoon. It seemed like Christmas the night before - I couldn't get Kyle to go to sleep! - He kept asking " how many hours until Phenesha comes to play?" Phenesha is the name of Kyle's very special friend, and just as uncommon as her name, is the ability for two little people to find such common ground at 4 years old. Kyle and Phenesha met in Their preschool class two years ago. He talked about her non stop. turns out this little girl has an obsession with Dinosaurs and dragons! - Kyle doesn't even find little boys into this kind of stuff as much as she is.
Their relationship bloomed that year, and all summer long our families would meet at the local playground for our weekly play date. Phenesha's mom and I could not get over the similarities between them - they get along like peas & carrots. Turns out they both have March Birthdays, They both have two siblings, they both are crazy about animals, and Their favorite TV show was meerkat Manor. These two are a match made in heaven. I think they were supposed to meet about 16 years from now, because their couldn't be a more compatible woman for Kyle. Oh yeah, they have both asked each other to marry as well.
So... anyway, after a pretty long stretch of no play dates due to busy schedules - we finally found a 3 hour window. going to different grade schools, they only get to see each other if we schedule a play date. They hadn't missed a beat- She walked in the house with her handful of "presents" for kyle which are drawings and paintings she gives to him and he proudly displays them on his bedroom walls. They had a great time showing off their new pets - phenesha brought hers along to meet us. (miss piggy) and kyle was anxious to show her his pet turtle(Lila).
While watching a dragon Documentary on TV, They set up a bunch of dragon figurines, and dinosaur adventures.
then they went outside for a while, this picture shows Kyle offering to tie her sneakers for so they could go out.
hm mm, he really can tie shoes - he has been holding out on me! Outside, the plan was to build their own Dragon nest, of course. Then it was back inside for an Ice cream snack which Phenesha called "delightful"! The one thing I missed was phenesha singing opera, which is my fault because all I had to do was ask and she would have belted out a tune for me. They crack me up! I don't know if this is my future daughter-in-law, but they sure do seem like they are perfect for each other..... As She left the house we sent her with a jar of Honey harvested from our Family's honeybee Hive - we have only a few jars to give away as gifts, so we pick them carefully - Phenesha was an easy pick. Honey for his Honey.


Tracey said...

THAT is a sweet story! And can you imagine if they actually DO become married someday??

Allison said...

Tracy - We went on vacation to Maine last summer and Kyle picked his favorite house on the ocean and said it will be his and Phenesha's house someday..... we'll have to wait and see.