Saturday, November 22, 2008

Left Out

My husband stumbled across my blog this morning. I hadn't told him I started one yet- because I wasn't ready to. But, now the cat is out of the bag - and I am in the doghouse!. He sat down to Read the 3 posts I had published, and I awaited his usual aloof reaction to my creative outlets. But....when he exited the Computer room, - He looked disappointed. Apparently it was upsetting to him that I failed to mention even his name. - yeah yeah I had mentioned I was married, and that "WE" were raising a nice boy and two girls - but not a mention of my lovely Husband's name (Gary). I tried to tell him that the blog is just in the beginning stages. It takes a few...or many posts to get your whole story across - AND that I was just about to get to the hubby parts - you know where all the patting on the back comes in... - He didn't buy it - He feels left out. I admit, I should have given a little background on the husband before now - it makes sense chronologically... there was him before there were kids. - anyway, so hear is my better-late-than-never, should-have-included-you-already-, post about my husband - Gary.
I feel like he's been around forever. We met as teenagers and started dating when we were 14 and 15. Went through 2 proms together, umpteen other school dances, graduations, colleges.... you get the picture - we dated for 8 1/2 years before we got married. We were high school sweethearts! this past summer we celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary. This coming February will mark 17 years of US.
A few years ago, I was a stay-at-home-mom contributing to our finances by Running a daycare out of our home - it contributed only a little to our finances but a lot to my accumulation of gray hairs. It was far from fun(I am not referring to Lindsey or Reagan). Gary, oblivious to my daily headache, used to say things like " I wish I had your commute - from the bedroom to the couch". I think that was his attempt at cheering me up - ha ha (SLAP!) - anyway, 3 children later and my desire for adult conversation, lead me to go to work. Kyle had just started Kindergarten, Vivian was almost 3, and Kerrigan was only 4 1/2 Months old.I was worried at first about how they would get on without me home, But we had to try it. I was off to work, Gary was working installing Fireplaces, and the kids were off to daycare. Daycare.... yup - that's where our money was going now. A few months of that and Gary found another job - one that he could work nights and weekends. Now Gary works three 12 hour shifts, and we only need daycare 2 days a week while he sleeps. Good news for our wallets - bad news for any family weekend plans. This also means that Gary is Mr Mom Wednesday thru Friday! Great! I'm glad he gets this parenting time. The old saying " Daddy's little Girl" certainly reins true for our two girls. They adore him - and he adores them. yup. he "commutes from the bedroom to the couch" for the first half of the day, then prepares lunch, puts kerrigan down for her nap, and he and Vivian do some light cleaning.(I emphasize the light - but also appreciate it at the same time) - whatever else goes on, I am not aware of - I do know that when I get home from work at 5:30 - 95% of the time, dinner is on the table and the kids have had a relaxing day at home instead of being shuffled around twice a day. They enjoy their DADDY DAYS.(pat pat pat on your back) - luv ya Hun!


corin said...

are you freakin crazy? i hope dan doesnt read this...what the hell, you might better rename this blog..gary's-the-shit blogspot! oh, wait.... folks, this superhero father not only watches his own kids but also my kid who was dropped like a hot potato when my sister went to work. I am sure he did not ever expect to be listed as anyone's "babysitter" on their emergency card at school..but he sure is at least for an average of 2 hours a week. Thanks Uncle Gary!! Alright, back to allison's present life! If dan wants any more mention on my blog he is going to have to drag himself up one of the 46er mtns with me.

Allison said...

I should have told Gary that it took you about 46 posts to give Dan his "shout out"!! lol

superhero? really? I didn't think it was that "deep".

Jennifer W said...

See? I just gave Mark a figurehead editorial position, and he doesn't care if I mention him or not.