Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Snow Day

Its been long overdue - this mild winter we were having was bound to deliver a snowstorm worth talking about. I think we accumulated as much snow over the last 24 hours as we have since December.

I do not snowmobile, I do not ski, I do not enjoy the cold snowy commute to work and then the inevitable need to brush off the car and scrape the windshield before heading home. I normally do not care for snow. Today was different. the white blanket that fell from the sky over night and well into the day was beautiful, soft, quiet and abundant. we received a good foot of the white beauty - and it was thick, heavy, and PERFECT for snow fun.

Our snow business:

First looks of the morning revealed this....

Then late in the day, we frolicked with a sea monster and danced with our snowman.

Today I enjoyed the snow.

Later we topped off the evening with a warm bowl of homemade chili, and a craft project that hatched this beautiful "curly bird" we learned to do from this month's Family Fun magazine.

Good night snow day.


CynthiaK said...

Beautiful shots of that snow!

I, too, was so happy to see a healthy snowfall this week in our city. While I'm usually really peeved with this much snow in late February, I was so happy to finally see everything white and fresh again after what seemed like months of dirty and cold.

Love the curly bird, too!

Anonymous said...

you are such a good mom. love, mom.