Sunday, February 21, 2010

Winter break recap

As many of you know, this week was Winter break for the kids. A whole week off .... a whole week of finding something for them to do. I think we did a pretty good job of entertaining. everyone survived it, and I have a lot of pictures with smiles to prove they had a good time

Monday I was able to have a day with all three kids too. Since I am pretty reluctant to do anything by myself with all three kids alone for fear that one of them (or me) could have a melt down at any moment in public - I was glad that Meme came with us to the BONKERS FUN CENTER to enjoy day with us as well, although we got through it incident free.

While we were at Bonkers, Kyle wanted to get a snow cone. I was a little reluctant because we had already eaten a pizza and a pitcher of soda, and the girls had already returned to bouncing. I said "go find out how much they are". Kyle came back with "$2" - I only had a 10.....I handed it to him and said" bring me the change". (I like to give him the Independence to put his money skills he learns at school to some use). He came back with the change alright! - $4......I didn't specify that the girls were not interested in a snow cone. Apparently he chose then, to start thinking of his sisters. Aawww.....but look who ended up with all three
Plenty of Tickets were won in the arcade to later change in for lots of "junk"

Did I mention all the jumping, and Bouncing and (tiring the kids out) laughter?

And togetherness
the kids had a great time - as so did I. It was nice to get out and do something with the kids on my day off as well, instead of the usual laundry detail.

Wednesday was Daddy's turn for a fun day. Mommy was glad the camera was brought along for this event. Meme did a great job of capturing the fun and I am very happy to get to see it from the comfort of my WARM living room. The kids have no problem withstanding the cold - Gary said they had a fantastic time tubing at Tubby Tubes. Vivian had so much fun, she didn't even want to take a hot dog break.

Kerrigan thought it was fun AFTER Daddy bought a ticket to be her tubing buddy.......The first trip up the hill, Kyle was told to make sure he went down with his sister.....again, it wasn't specified WHICH sister he was supposed to go with. Pretty soon Gary sees Kyle and Vivian sliding down the hill and Kerrigan was now where to be seen. The next kids down, asked if the little girl at the top of the hill that was Crying was ours.....So gary got a ticket and joined in the fun.


It seems the kids aren't the only Winter Games lovers in the family - On Saturday, Our family gathered at the farm for a little Winter Olympics Party to build up to the suspense of watching our man Apalo Ohno break the world record for most Olympic medals won in speed skating.

What is a party without fun food? - to get into the spirit,
we had marshmallow skiers and snowboarders, "half pipe" chicken salad sandwiches, Olympic bread rings topped with cream cheese and corresponding colored toppings, a coconut cake that looked like snow, some American flag carrying shrimp cocktails, and quartered iceberg lettuce mountains topped with ranch dressing, And finally some Gold medal baked corn casserole.

Decorations were ice skate centerpieces, Gold medals for all to wear, and various pictures and newspaper clippings adorned the tables.

then it was off to the living room to cheer for Apolo. You may think that our family finds the littlest reason to get together for great food, fun and laughter - you are right!- remember this party? Don't worry, there will be plenty more.

Kyle also did a little ice fishing over Vacation. A passion he seems to share with his Dad.
he gave a good effort on Saturday with his poppy on at the Lake Luzerne annual ice fishing tournament, but came up empty. not even a bite.
Him and Gary gave it another try on Sunday morning. A different lake.
BINGO - caught a couple of bass and them put them back. Gary captures this proud picture with his cell phone. The rest of the night, Kyle was asking if they could mount their next trophy fish.....cute - and a nice ending to a nice vacation.
now Back to the grindstone.


Mare said...

sounds and looks like you all had a great week!
where's tubby tubes? i've never heard of it before.

corin said...

I enjoyed all of the photos in this post. The kids look so tall playing the video game at Bonkers. Especially like kyle with the fish. They are lucky to have actually been entertained during their vacation. my kids thought it was fun to watch movies after they laid around the house by themselves while we worked.