Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Catch Up Time

Have you all given up on me? Have you stopped following me all together? I hope not, but wouldn't blame you if you did. It's not that I didn't think about blogging over the past month and 1/2... - I thought about it all the time. Just couldn't bring my tired butt out to the computer room to fight with our annoying dial-up connection long enough to get the stories out. checking facebook, and pushing the "like" button was about all I could muster.
So we have a lot to catch up on. I have great news - I am a born again blogger - I have the tools and equipment again to get caught up to speed and continue telling the stories of our chaotic life. I hope you are all thrilled........kidding
I am just going to list what has happened since my last blog. I won't try to cram all the details.

*Christmas of course came and went - My sister-in-law became engaged, and all 5 of us are now in the midst of wedding plans - I will be the Matron of Honor, Gary will be a groomsman, the girls will be flower girls and Kyle will be the handsome ring bearer....needless to say we are all very excited, and My diet is BACK ON! - six months to lose 30 more pounds.

*Shorty after new years, We had an accident in the van...not my fault...Stupid woman turned in front of me at a green light. She got the ticket, Van was totalled, it has been in the shop ever since......still waiting to hear when we can pick it up. (this would have been a major blog post) It has been 4 weeks......rental only covered 5 days. I want my van back......Does this always happen 2 months after you make the final payment?

* Vivian turned 5 in January.....5! I can't believe it. She is quite the little lady. Soon she will be off to kindergarten....then college.

* I have been battling with Kyles teachers ever since his conference. His progress just never seems to be good enough or fast enough for them. he increased his reading from 24 words per minute to 56 WPM - but the note that came home, says he should be at 85!....They want him to finish a math test of 100 math facts in 5 minutes and get 85 of them right. Kyle can only get through 53 of them in 5 minutes. He gets a 43% for a grade, even if all 53 of them are correct......Stop me if this is normal for second grade, but I am thinking they are off their rockers. Now I am worrying that come June, they are going to want him to repeat the grade - I don't feel he needs to ..........this should be it's own post I'm sure.

* we Filed and received income taxes already, and of course had umpteen things we had in mind to spend it on.....things we needed. The first thing we did, was order new - "urine free" couch and love seat....Our old furniture had seen better days - stuffing peeking out from the top, springs poking up through the base, the need to lay on it just right and careful so you didn't fell the wooden board right across your lower back......yeah - it was time. we found LEATHER! and I am in love.

*we also had to get a new vacuum cleaner. It seems like we go through a vacuum cleaner each year. we have tried all different kinds. let me count......yup I do believe that in the 9 1/2 years we have been married, we have owned 5 vacuum cleaners. I don't think that is normal. Well folks, we have bought our LAST vacuum cleaner! - we splurged on one called the GARRY. yup - we came across this infomercial one night about a vacuum cleaner with a lifetime - no questions asked- warranty, lifetime supply of bags, and a free steam also helped that we were giggling about the vacuum and my husband having the same name....and women raving about their garrys. "I just Love my Garry". (me too)
- other refund money is "earmarked" for Gary's Jeep repaires

* Kerrigan is officially the boss of the house.

ok - that is the last month in a nutshell. not my ideal way of easing back into blogging - but I just felt like we needed to catch up first.

I'll be back soon.....stay tuned - thanks


Mare said...

you HAVE had a busy last few months! thanks for posting "something!" LOL
i was beginning to wonder why i ever signed up to blog myself!
no one seems to be commenting or posting lately!
about 2nd grade: Nick is in 2nd grade, and they have what they call "minute math." they have 2 minutes to complete a page of math problems. i think there may be 20 on there? IDK. bu 53 in 5 min? wow! that's insane. i don't think i could even do that! LOL

Mare said...

thanks for the comment on my blog!
i took that pic! it's the tree in our yard...right after a snow storm, as the sun was setting. i love it too. :)