Monday, September 21, 2009

Shelber - Man!

I'd like to take this time to introduce you to our new addition. ( I know, I say that a lot on my blog - seems like every other month, I am introducing you to or mourning our latest pet).
This is SHELBY. - aka Shelber Man. He is a 3 year old Yorkie. The kids became very fond of niece Reagan's little pint sized yorkie, and I happened to hear of a woman who was giving away her 2 yorkies "to a good home."So I decided to surprise the kids. Like I said, she was giving away 2. - Gary and I agreed that we would offer to take 1. and only 1. if she didn't have the heart to separate them, then the kids were none the wiser. The lady's reasoning for finding them a new home was to find a family who would have time for them. She works outrageous hours at her job, and was feeling quite sad that the dogs were couped up in their cages for the entire day. It was a hard decision for her - believe me - I witnessed her crying as I "removed" the dog from her house.

Shelby is used to adults. Quiet. other small dogs. Quiet. Adults.......I think he was in shock for the first couple of days in this madhouse. - First thing he did was show sandler who was boss. If sandler came within 5 feet of him, or even looked at him, Shelby was right up in his face growling (which I assume means back off big dog, or else) Poor sandler was practically cowering in the corner. I am pleased to report that his aggressiveness toward sandler has subsided, and they can coexist in the same room now. Actually shelby prefers to go to the bathroom outside as long as Sandler accompanies him now.

It is definitely different having a lap dog around. Sandler has been unable to fit on our laps for about -forever- So it is kinda nice to have a little dog who can't wait for you to sit down, so he can curl up on your lap. Shelby has taken a liking to Kyle the most out of the kids. I guess he can sense the animal lover in him. He tolerates Vivian - he has to....She takes him in her bedroom and closes the door so he cannot escape her. He runs from Kerrigan like she is some horrible Giant disgusting creature here to snatch him away to eat him.....(that's how i interpret the look on his face). But she eventually catches him, and he gives in, lets her carry him around like an old teddy bear in one arm. biding his time until he gets the chance to scurry away.

aaahhhh fun times.

So I had made an appointment to bring shelby to the groomer. He was to get an all over cut, bath, nails clipped, and ears cleaned. Gary seemed a little shocked when I told him it would cost $30. He said " we don't even pay for ourselves to get haircuts"! He is right, and with Disney only being about a month away, it seemed like wasteful spending, so I decided to try a hand at dog grooming. YUP - I think I can add this to my list of talents...... I have no Idea if I did it right, but he seemed to enjoy the experience, and he feels softer, and looks so darn cute with his little mustache. I think he looks more manly - the name shelby, and that long hair he had, just wasn't convincing.

I enjoy ShelberMan!


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