Monday, September 21, 2009


DANCING WITH THE STARS - Season 9 starts tonight!

Ladies and Gentleman, If you need me for anything on Monday or Tuesday nights, I will be glued to the television from approx. 8:00 - 10:00.

As you may remember, We are Huge DWTS fans. Too early to tell who my favorites are going to be. Unfortunately, Just by the looks of Cheryl Burk's Partner, we will be saying farewell to her pretty early on........ My initial hope lies in this season's hunkie young man Aaron Carter - I will be anxious to see what he's got.

Other than him, I think Kathy Irland may have a shot at being popular. She's got the beauty, lets see if she's got the rhythm.

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CynthiaK said...

Oh, I have missed DWTS! I have had commitments on those nights for so long that I've missed last season entirely. Please, please post updates here so I can check in because I don't know if I can watch it this season either!

And who is Cheryl's partner this year? I haven't heard and you've got me curious!