Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Potty Trained "CHECK!"

One of the things on our "to do" list before Disney vacation, was to hopefully have Kerrigan Potty trained. some said "why bother, it will probably be easier if she wasn't. no running to find a bathroom." Well, in case you don't know Vivian and Kyle - we are running to find a bathroom ANYWAY. I am so sick of buying Diapers. We have been buying them non-stop for 7 1/2 years now. we would get one out of diapers just in time to have another one and start all over again, just littler sizes. I'm not saying we are totally out of the Diaper market, we still need to buy a package now and again for bedtime......ssshhh.... I don't buy those expensive pull ups or Goodnights. I buy the plain old store brand in a size 5 - the jumbo pack.......and I put that size 5 on both Kerrigan and Vivian at bed time. they fit Kerrigan just right, with a little room left. Vivian - not so much - you have to position the tabs just right to get them to stay put, but she only has an accident once in a while (usually the nights I don't get a chance to get one on her). She deals with the tight pants and doesn't complain. so we are good.

Kerrigan is now 2 years, and 3 months old - She is potty trained. phewwwww...another fairly easy one. Our daycare provider is thrilled, she says she still has 4 year old boys crapping their pants!

Vivian and kerrigan were both easily trained - Vivian practically trained herself. Kerrigan was real good for a while back in April - she spent all day on the potty cause she loved to, then she gave up - we didn't push it again until summer - she got undies for her birthday, and was so excited, so Gary (the one home with her most of the time) started making sure he reminded her to go potty. And the results are in - she is officially daytime potty trained.

I don't believe there is some magical formula to potty training kids - other than to relax about it. We tried the small child's potty with Kyle, and a video, stickers and lollipops for using the potty, and books about pottying, and drove ourselves nuts when he would ask for underwear, and then 2 minutes later end up peeing them. - lots of laundry.

So with the girls, we found that they enjoyed using the BIG potty, we didn't bribe them with candy, or stickers. It was just a matter of fact event - which if successful, ended with a short "potty dance" and a high five! and then encouraged them to go brag about it around the house " I went potty!"

Disney is 30 days away - I am relieved I only have to pack about 10 diapers, not 35 - and I plan on stopping at the potties throughout the parks as I come to them and making all 3 of them use it before moving on........if one of them says "I have to go pee".....guess what - they are all going to try.

Next on the list --------PACKING!


CynthiaK said...

Yay! What a relief when you get one trained, isn't it? Good luck with the bathrooms at Disney. I hope they all go when and where you want them to!

~Thought's By Dena~ said...

YAY you!!!!! It is so much better when you just have to look for the potty and not a clean place to change a diaper!!!!