Friday, November 13, 2009

They can't be fooled.

Last time I was at the Grocery store, I found a box of pierogies in the freezer section. not a big box, but I wanted to get it so the kids could try them ( cause I know I like them ). One problem.....Pierogies are like pasta "pockets" filled with mashed potatoes and cheese and such......Vivian hates potatoes. (so she says without giving them a real try).
Anyway, Last weekend it was just me and the girls. Kyle was having his overnight at meme's and Gary was working. I showed the girls the box of pierogies and explained that they were for dinner. I also "fibbed" and told Vivian they were filled with just cheese.
So I went about sauteing them in butter and veggies. When they made it to the girl's plates, Viv and Kerrigan took a BIG bite. VIVIAN looked right at me and said - "i don't like them!"
Miss Kerrigan took about 3 more bites and then also let me know she did not like them.....but she added " I taste POTATOES!" (normally Kerrigan likes potatoes, but she was following Vivian's lead of course)
So I learned I can't fool the girls into enjoying a pierogie. Next time I get them, I will try them out on Kyle. I saw a recipe for pierogies and shrimp that I think he would like. If not, More for me again!


CynthiaK said...

That's too bad! Pierogies are so great! Perhaps you need to opt for the fresh variety next time rather than frozen? They are so much better!

CynthiaK said...

I meant to add that Max doesn't like the potatoes normally either but when we have them fresh and add fried onions on top, he loves them.

Jennifer W said...

omg, I never had a pierogi until I met Mark. I'm addicted. We eat them with kielbasa...Don't feel too bad about the girls...Lindsey won't touch potatos. Or almost anything, for that matter. She has morphed into the pickiest eater!