Friday, October 9, 2009

Counting Down....

  • 4 hours until I am on a long weekend
  • 8 hours until an out of town relative who we have never met comes to stay at my mom's for a week!
  • 8 hours 30 minutes until that said relative will think my kids are crazy, and we will need to head home.
  • 1 day until one of the kids asks to go to a toy store for some "junk"
  • 2 days until our Sunday Morning coffee ritual at the farm - I look forward to it so much. This Sunday will include the out of town relatives.
  • 3 days 'til I have to really buckle down and get things packed and organized for Disney
  • 6 days until payday - oh gosh , stretching 'til then SUCKS
  • 14 days until we will be staying up all night long because we are too excited to sleep - leaving for Disney in the morning!
  • 15 days until the 9 of us will board that plane to Disney in disbelief that the day has finally arrived!
  • 22 days until Halloween - where we will be trick or treating AT Disney!
  • 23 days until the Disney Vacation of a lifetime is over and we are heading back home.
  • 23 days 6 hours 'til we collapse from exhaustion and have to think about getting up for work in the morning.


CynthiaK said...

That is quite a countdown! I'm exhausted just reading it!

Have a great long weekend. We're looking forward to ours here too as we head to the cottage.

And have a fantastic time at Disney! How exciting! Can't wait to read about your adventure once you're back!

corin said...

holy- i am going to miss you guys while you are gone and babysitting shelby will cause me to count down the days until you return!!

Mare said...

wow! have fun for the next month!

Jennifer W said...

Talk about cramming it all in! We expect long photographic blogs. I bet the hotels have internet....